Grimaldi Injury Not Believed Serious

UND coach Dave Hakstol said that he doesn’t believe Rocco Grimaldi’s injury will be anything longterm, but the team will do a more in-depth evaluation after 24 hours.

Grimaldi went down with a leg injury early in the third period and didn’t return. He struggled to get off the ice and was examined by trainer Mark Poolman on the bench for a couple of minutes before he hobbled down the tunnel and to the locker room.

Grimaldi was walking on his own power after the game.

Any absence of Grimaldi, the team’s leading scorer, would hurt as this team isn’t the most potent team in the NCHC.

UND hosts Colorado College this upcoming weekend.

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  1. SWMNSiouxFan

    Glad this weekend is over. If it could go wrong, it sounds like it did. Not sure this trip was worth the terrible play, possible injuries (yes I know injuries happen in practice) and damage done to the image of US college hockey (why play 1000 miles away, you can play college hockey in Canada and beat their best). Not sure how a team built of talented players can be so “rusty” after 20 days off when they’ve been playing this game at high levels for years. Rant over, just a little frustrated.

  2. Bleed green

    It’s the coaching staffs responsibility to keep the boys prepared to play year round that’s what they get paid thousands of dollars to do! They have failed in my eyes continuously & it’s time for new blood! Someone who can light a fire under boys every game! I’d rather see Gwoz behind the bench!

  3. G&W in Denver

    I’m in the camp that this weekend is not as negative as everyone is saying. I have no problem with UND playing Canadian universities as a post-Christmas break warm-up and it makes a ton of sense to me on many different fronts.

  4. Sparky

    Siouxfan, get used to this play. UND lacks star power and this is exactly what is needed to win (a lot of) games in any league. UND has brought in very good players the past 3 years, but I have yet to see a difference maker on the ice. Rocco might fit the bill, but I don’t know? Not being a naysayer, just stating the obvious. We need more players along the lines of Taylor, Patrick, Hrkac, Parise, Toews, Oshie, and Frattin if we want to get back to excellence. UND has a great supporting staff (lot’s of talent on this team), we just need to get players of the ilk mentioned above to win big.

    1. SWMNSiouxFan

      I fully understand and agree with what you say. I have been watching Sioux hockey for the better part of 30 years and understand the various types of players needed to be successful. I understand the setbacks that occurred to higher end recruits bolting to the CHL and the recruiting issues that caused. Still not convinced this was a positive weekend on many fronts, but they could do just fine from here on out.

      1. Sioux Fan3.0

        I know your kidding right? CC just got beat by Brown @ home in non-conference play (that actually hurts us BTY). All is not lost even as disappointing as it is. Step back off the ledge, breath and you’ll see there is a lot of hockey to play and if there’s anything you have learned about Sioux hockey in the past ten years it is this : the second half of the year is always better than the first! Let’s move on and start anew

        1. Yep, I was kidding…. I should have put a smiley face next to it, sorry man. 🙂 I still can’t believe we have fan’s on Sioux Sports and the social media wanting UND to fire Hak because his team lost to UBC this past weekend. The fact remains, UND is on a five-game winning streak.

  5. shep

    I would think the players and coaches like going to bc, this being somewhat of a home coming for many of them. Not only the ones from bc but I bet half the roster including coaches have played there at one time or another. Big deal; not playing well for a couple games that dont count.

  6. Sioux4Ever

    16 games left people…..16. Look at Yale last year. Barely made the tourney and then won it. I dont think it matters so much what you do before christmas, only what you are doing after. Get hot at the right time and good things happen.

        1. Sheesh. Proves you do know how to read. It’s just the spelling that usually gives you trouble. 🙂

          I’ve been reading Brad for a good long time. He’s objective, informative, his writing is often sophisticated, he didn’t call me ‘Skippy’ the first time I disagreed with him, and he is a true pleasure to read.

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