Breakdown Of Parks’ Goals

Michael Parks hopes to break a nine-game goal drought tonight when UND takes on Colorado College in an NCHC series. If he does, it’s a good bet that the goal will come from near the top of the goal crease.

Out of curiosity, I looked up all 22 of his career goals, and where they’ve been scored from. Not surprisingly, the most frequent method of scoring for him is wraparounds (5 of 22). He’s also scored four on rebounds and three on dekes from on top of the crease.

The other thing you will notice is that he has only beat a goaltender from outside the prime scoring area in the low slot twice — both coming his freshman season. He hit a one-timer in the Final Five against Denver and he scored on a wrist shot directly off of a draw against Wisconsin.

All of the other goals are happening from in tight, and usually, on the ice. Parks has never beat a goaltender over the shoulder in his college career. The closest he has come is the goal off the draw against the Badgers, which beat the goalie on the blocker side about halfway up during his freshman year.

Parks is currently tied for second on the team in scoring, and he’s only one goal away from leading the team in career goals. So, he’s definitely a source of offense that UND counts on.

This seems to show that Parks isn’t a pure goal-scorer and it emphasizes the importance for Parks to get to the net and create havoc in that area. That’s where he’s had the most success in the past.

Parks’ 22 career goals

5 wraparounds
4 shots that went off of a D-man
4 rebounds (one a rebound off of a D-man)
3 shots that hit him and went in
3 dekes on top of the crease
1 shot off of a goalie’s back
1 one-timer
1 wrist shot off the draw

Most career goals on UND’s current team

23 — Mark MacMillan, jr
22 — Michael Parks, jr
20 — Rocco Grimaldi, soph
13 — Drake Caggiula, soph
12 — Dillon Simpson, sr
11 — Derek Rodwell, sr