Toews Makes Team Canada

Former UND standout Jonathan Toews is once again on Canada’s Olympic hockey team.

Canada announced the 25-man roster on Tuesday morning and Toews, as expected, made the squad and will be one of the team’s centers.

Toews was Canada’s top player four years ago in Vancouver, leading the Canadians to a gold medal. He also has won gold at the World Junior Championship and the World Championship.

With Toews’ selection, UND will have nine current/former players in Sochi next month.

UND’s Sochi reps

Jocelyne Lamoureux
Monique Lamoureux
Zach Parise
T.J. Oshie

Jonathan Toews

Michelle Karvinen
Susanna Tapani

Tanja Eisenschmid
Susanne Fellner

15 Responses

  1. What

    That goal he scored on miller to win gold was pretty amazing. Wait , that was Crosby.

    Toews isn’t even the best player on his own team.

      1. Sioux Alum 777

        Not even the best on his own team? What’s the argument here – simply that he doesn’t have the most points on his team? I guess at essentially a point per game, a 57% faceoff win rate, a +21, and generally considered one of the 2-3 best two-way players in the game as well as one of the 2-3 best captains in the game he’s my pick as the best on his own team. Kane and Sharp are phenomenal offensive threats; but there’s no question Toews is the best hockey player on the Hawks roster when you take into account the whole picture.

    1. Sparky

      LOL….you are a silly boy What Up…:) Toews’ value to every team he has played on is not strictly measured by the number of points he registers each year. Every great team always has one guy, that one player who takes on the leadership role. You cannot underestimate how critical it is to have stable leadership; without Toews I think Chicago would not be the team they have been the last several years. Toews is the epitomy of how crucial it is to have a strong team leader. If Toews is the 2nd, 3rd, or 5th highest scorer is totally immaterial. Anyway, hope this helps you with some perspective What Up…:)

  2. Trickey7

    The guy who has captained his team to 2 of the last four Stanley Cups, if not the best 2 way player in the game he is in the top 3 at worst. Sid is the best offensive player in the World right now, if that is your only measure of a player.

  3. Yajji

    Only person the Pens would trade Crosby for: Toews… The only person the Hawks would trade Toews for: Crosby… The 2 most complete players in the world. The End

    1. Scott

      Pavel Datsyuk. 1a, 1b, 1c. three best allaround playersin the world, 5 years running. Debate however you want, arguments can be made for all 3.

  4. Yajji

    I agree with Datsyuk. Just a little older for the trade talk… Other than that. As solid as there has been for the last 10 years

  5. What

    Games are won by scoring not how good a leader a guy is. How’s joe thortons leadership serving him getting bounced every year come playoff time. Would toews be held in such high praises if he was Russian or god forbid American. Canadians love Canadians in hockey.

    Without Sharp, Kane, Hossa, and Keith Toews doesn’t win squat and he doesn’t have offense skill like other top tier players he’s being compared with. Also, he does’t hit so is it his poke checking that’s making him so great? Best hands and ice vision belongs to Kane!

    You want a real never quit plays harder then anybody look at Parise. Guy skates his heart every game. If Parise was Canadian then mulberry, emerick, and all the other Canadian loving announcers would be praising him as the best with Crosby.

    1. SiouxperKev

      and without Toews, Keith and Hossa… Kane doesn’t win squat. It takes a team to win in hockey doesn’t it? At least I think its a team game last I watched.

      Back to your original rant… what does being the BEST on your own team have anything to do win being selected to the Olympic team? Is it not possible to have two or more teammates making this elite group of athletes?

    2. Nate

      Games are not won by scoring, they are won by goal differential. Toews, a great “two-way” player has an impact on both ends of goal-differential. A great offensive player such as Crosby or Kane may not have the same overall value as a great two-way player like Toews.

  6. What

    Yes, datsyuk is amazing with and w/out the puck but does he get all the love he deserves? Nope, he’s not Canadian. Kane is as good as datsyuk is now and he’s only going to get better.

    1. FgoSiouxFan

      @What — your comparison of Datsyuk and Kane is WAY off. Kane is an elite goal scoring threat as is Datsyuk, but Kane lacks the defensive prowess Datsyuk has. Datsyuk and Toews are perennial Selke award finalists – Kane is not.

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