Tambellini Leaves UND

Freshman forward Adam Tambellini has left UND, the school confirmed today.

Tambellini scored 2 goals and had 4 points in 16 games for UND this season while generally playing on the third line.

He is a third-round draft pick of the New York Rangers.

Tambellini will play for the WHL’s Calgary Hitmen tonight, according to The Pipeline Show’s Guy Flaming.

Tambellini started the season slow, but was just starting to come around for UND and figured to be a top offensive producer later in his career.

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  1. SiouxTattoo

    Hi Brad, was it related to school and he may have had to sit due to grades? I’m just trying to figure out why he would go after 1 semester.

  2. WWPKD

    Don’t let the THESE DOORS hit you on the way out. You’re either all-in or you’re in the way. #greenkoolaid

  3. Sioux tang clan

    This would sting had he not disappointed so much. He will never be the stud his brother was at Michigan. Dropped from starter to third line early in the season. On the plus side clears up space for next year’s overcrowded class.

    1. Siouxguy

      Don’t think you can say that. I think because of his age and needing to develop physically, he could have been one that blossomed like a Brad Malone. Will be interesting to see how he progresses elsewhere.

    2. Wait...What?

      #1 – WTF??

      #2 – there are no “starters” in hockey. It’s matchups.

      #3 – Isn’t our captain also the son of an NHL exec? (former) Wouldn’t Adam have been able to get some insight from him?

      #4 – Good riddance. If you’re not with the Sioux, you’re against them. Take your 4 points elsewhere.

      #5 – He likely will average 2 points per game vs. 16 & 17 year old kids in the WHL. Wow.

      #6 – Look up “Team Player” on Wikipedia. You won’t find Adam’s picture.

      1. Greg Loouganis

        Wrong. 1 goal 3 assist tonight in first game. But it’s against 16 and 17 year olds so it doesn’t count.

  4. J.B.

    Shouldn’t have brought him back to Canada. Announcers must have brainwashed him during those world games you mentioned earlier.

  5. Viking1

    Initially appears to be a big blow, but there are other guys waiting for a chance that might just be bigger contributors. Interesting to see how it plays out…..

  6. SWMNSiouxFan

    Go figure, another Rangers prospect. Should save us some time killing penalties each game as he couldn’t figure out how to keep his elbows down. Joking aside, this is too bad, he really could’ve been dominant for us in the future. Like an earlier post, frees up room for freshman next year, but could easily hurt us like past defections.

  7. Greg Loouganis

    Another guy who used the system and UND. You guys must be getting a bit tired of the one and done’s, ( in this case half of one and done ) . I can see your coach looking to American players who have less of a chance of using you and then bolting so quickly. The Canadian guys mostly want to play in the CHL. It’s just some late bloomers use NCAA for a year and then go or some may force a trade to a different CHL team by going to the NCAA. You mostly get the second rate guys or the late bloomers. Still smarting after Gropp, now a roster guy bolts. Bleeding continues.

    1. Redwingz19

      Let’s get some of those 17-year old kid-filled WHL teams and let them play us, the gophers or BC and really see how things stack up. I feel confident that DI schools would take more games than major junior teams would for sure.

  8. Sparky

    Brad, this kid had talent and he would have been a very good player at UND. This “sour grapes” thing everyone is posting is pathetic. UND lost a very good player today. I don’t care how he looked in his first half-year in college hockey, he had a higher ceiling than most players on that team. Brad, I seriously think UND needs to look at the leadership of the hockey program. As Dean Blaise once said, 10 years is the most any coach should be in one place….how prophetic do his words seem now? Sometimes it does not matter who is to blame for deteriorating team play, you just have to make a change. I think we have reached this point now.

    1. Slippery Pete

      If you’re going to quote someone, at leaste spelle hise namee correctlye.

      Dean Blais (no E) isn’t coming through that door, people.

      Seriously? A kid leaving in the middle of the year is grounds for Hak’s dismissal? I’m sure no one ever left the Sioux at the midpoint to a season under Dean’s watch. Or any Dean Blais coached team.

      Really want to run with that?

    2. SJHovey

      A guy named John Wooden coached basketball 16 years at a place called UCLA. Won some conference titles, pretty consistently in the big tournament, but never the national championship. He then popped off about 10 national championships in 12 years.

      1. Ya sure u betcha

        Wow, comparing the current coaching staff to that of coach Woo…den is a bit of a stretch! But I hope you are correct as they do appear to be entrenched! However, the fact of the matter is that up to this point a more accurate comparison is coach Woo…g!

    3. MoSiouxFan

      If Blais said it, then it certainly must be so. Tambellini had some upside, but he certainly isn’t irreplaceable. We’re getting O’Donnell, Ausmus, and Chyzyk back this week, so his departure may not be terribly noticeable. Go Hak! Go Sioux!

  9. shep

    I think tambeloony could see the writing on the wall and wants to distance himself from the coming implosion.

  10. Sioux-per-man

    Sparky just because an 18 year old player that was home sick, leave the team we should fire the coach? Really? That has to be the dumbest statement I’ve EVER read. The kid was too small to play at this level. How many times did he go to the bench with his tail between his legs. He should have played for the USHL / Force to get strong enough to play for the Sioux. The kid has skills, he just wasn’t ready for Sioux hockey. Let him play with 16-17 year olds and dominate. He will have a hard time moving up, if he can’t handle the hits.

  11. Sioux1

    I respect the kids decisions but would be nice if he was professional enough to do an interview and give the fans an explanation for his decision. I would think he owes the program that much.

      1. Jersey Shore

        You’re talking to one of the jackass fans that feels entitled to a championship “every so often”, with the current gap being “too long”. They are entitled to championships and won’t support UND unless they win. The type of fan that feigns support, yet can’t understand that it is a kids game, and that it has no bearing on whether they have a “good day” or a “bad day”. The type of fan that wants a championship, and wants coaches fired if they aren’t won, on their timeline. Because, god forbid, other teams aren’t worthy of having good players, too.

  12. Gene DuBois

    This is the reality of college hockey, and has been going on for decades. I remember a certain Sioux goalie who came in as a 21 year-old freshman, played a year, won a championship, and a week later was in the goal for the Blackhawks. For hockey players, the Canadian major juniors, Russian Dynamo, and American universities are just stepping stones to the pros, and thus are all nothing more than uncompensated minor leagues for the NHL.

  13. Sioux1

    Obviously some folks do not understand what entitlement means. This kid was given a chance to play and also given financial support for his education. The money for said support is given to him via the money raised from alumni and fans. Apparently the theory is that the idea of a simple explanation and professional gratuity of just explaining a decision is what you beleive is entitlement? My previous comment clearly stated I respect his decision but would be interested in an explanation for that decision. Crazy how many idiots comment on this board.

    1. Redwingz19

      I actually have to agree with you on that. Because he also is practically wasting a scholarship slot that could have gone to another player with the character to stick around for at least an entire season.

      1. Greg Loouganis

        Toews left early too did he not. And Belfour. Did anyone roast them when they left early ? Just asking.

          1. Greg Loouganis

            No degree though. Took the place of a guy who may have stayed for all 4 years and got a college degree. They used you like the rest but you don’t slag them like you do all the kids now. Pot meet kettle.

          2. Don’t bother Redwingz. Greg doesn’t understand the concept that people use college to be successful for the future, and that in some rare instances, it means accepting a job that pays multi-million-dollars-per year before you graduate.

  14. Sioux Fan3.0

    I wasn’t going to comment for the lack of educated individuals who’s postings are just plain out of whack but here’s my 2 pennies anyway. If, as most UND fans would agree that our hockey program is a springboard to the NHL then let it be treated that way. These young men come here with dreams and aspirations of going pro and if they feel that their best shot of doing that (mid-season or whatever) is by leaving than so be it! Let’s all thank Adam for his time here and move on. If it wasn’t the right place, best of luck and here’s to hoping you make it some day.. I’ll be watching

  15. Brad,

    What do the other players think, beyond more playing time for some, when a teammate, who has a responsibility to the team, to give his all for a championship, chooses to go his own way for his own personal development?

      1. Jersey Shore

        In a couple years, he’ll be playing for a CIS team. Perhaps it will be one that plays at UND in an exhibition. Do hockey players hold grudges?

  16. FgoSiouxFan

    Here is an excerpt from a college hockey magazine …
    Adam was a talented player, but coming into NCAA hockey at an extremely skinny 168 lbs. kept him from making a more immediate impact at the college level.
    Tambellini”s next step will be to play for the Calgary Hitmen of the WHL, where he should have more success playing against younger, less physically-developed talent.
    Not much more can be said …

  17. Viking1

    As much production in his first game in the WHL as he accomplished in half a season w the Sioux. Either he has been reborn, or the level of competition in that game was markedly lower…….

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