Badgers Grab Series Split

No. 2 Wisconsin managed to grab a series split against UND with a 4-1 victory on Sunday afternoon at LaBahn Arena.

UND played fairly well, but Badger goaltender Ann-Renee Desbiens was as good as advertised in slowing down an opponent.

UND went with Shelby Amsley-Benzie in the series finale and she stopped 22 of 25 shots, allowing three goals in the second period. Michelle Karvinen scored UND’s lone goal in the first period.

The eventual game-winning goal was controversial as the officials had a bad sequence. First, an official mistakenly blew the whistle with the puck still in play. Right after the ref blew the whistle, a Badger player knocked it past Amsley-Benzie for a goal.

The official assumed a UND player was about to touch the puck, and she was going to blow it dead because there was a delayed penalty call coming on UND. Despite the whistle, the officials still allowed the goal, then they threw the wrong player in the penalty box (Lisa Marvin, when it should have been either Sam LaShomb or Sam Hanson).

The play in question starts at the :46 mark.

Now, would the Badger player have scored the goal, even without the whistle? Most likely. But you also can’t count a goal after a whistle has blown. It doesn’t seem like it affected Amsley-Benzie at all, but you can’t say for sure. She did immediately turn toward the official who blew the whistle after the puck went in.

UND should have been able to touch up that puck with a little better effort. Then this wouldn’t have been a story. But either way, it wasn’t handled very well by the officials.

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  1. Bob Smith

    Harvard women would add a National Championship and Duluth would lose one if this logic was allowed by the rule book. Brad Sheppard blew a break away dead in overtime in the National Championship game right before the puck crossed the line. One of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. The goalie wasn’t being challenged. Once the whistle is blown though, it’s over. The error has been made. No goal.

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