9 thoughts on “NCHC goals of the week

  1. Good goals this week. I like #5, sweet dangle and a rocket. Mac’s goal was very nice also. Deek at #1 was ok not sure it was the best of the group, but they were all very good.

  2. It sure seems the goals of the week really have a lot of love for the goals of the week. Sort of like ESPN and slam dunks. All good goals, but Mac and number 5 were sweeter in my humble opinion.

  3. I think they need to post the top five goals, and let fans vote on them. Zajac’s goal was above number 5.

  4. I agree. The breakaway is a sweet thing but thanks to shootouts, they’re really losing value in the scheme of things. Nice deke but whatever. Here’s how it really should have been ordered:

    5th best: Balisy’s Breakaway
    4th Best: Barber’s goal
    3rd Best: Jimmy Murray – Pretty sweet even though the goaltender overcommits
    2nd Best: MacMillan (this is the only correct one)
    Best: Moore’s goal. SCSU D set up well. SCSU player makes a play, Moore makes a better one and then roofs it. Pretty much a slam dunk better than the rest.

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