DU Rescinds Ticket Policy

The University of Denver has rescinded its ticket policy of making people buy 20+ tickets or buy tickets for three series in order to purchase single-game tickets for the series against UND.

If you visit denverpioneers.com, you can now purchase single-game tickets. The series is not sold out and there are plenty of seats available.

Many UND fans did purchase the group tickets and distribute them among other UND fans. Colorado is one of the school’s largest alumni bases.

UND plays at Denver next weekend (Jan. 24-25).

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  1. Sparky

    Brad, why does DU have a hard time selling college hockey in the Denver area? Back in the ’80’s and 90’s (from personal knowledge) virtually every seat was filled, albeit the arena at that time was smaller than their current location. I think a fair estimate would be 5-6 thousand fans (if not more) for each home game during this time frame. I recall their fans being very knowledgeable and every bit as “into it” as any WCHA location at the time. Do you know why DU has lost some of their support? I would think D-I hockey is the most ballyhooed sport at DU so I doubt they are deemphasizing their hockey program…?? Any insight here Brad?

    1. They actually have OK attendance, their fans aren’t usually that loud, though. The one thing that stands out to me about Colorado College and Denver is that their student sections are awful. I’m not sure the reason behind it. But they are the worst student sections in the league bar none.

      1. A chunk of DU students are from financially comfortable local families with condos and houses in the multitude of amazing ski areas within a five hour drive. My understanind is the place empties out to hit the slopes.

      2. Sioux4Ever

        Yeah, the student section is terrible. Was absolutely packed for the Friday game last year, and then maybe 10 percent full on Saturday. No one was at the CC games in the student section either.

    2. Onesioux

      I think a lot of DU students are from out of state, so they don’t have any background supporting the team prior to being a student. And I think Denver as a city has grown a ton since the 80-90’s and most of the new people aren’t from here either, so they don’t have the connection of growing up watching a team like fans in ND, Minn or Wisco do.

    3. Waterlover

      I’d say the biggest thing different from the 80’s and early 90’s that you remember is the NHL. Denver didn’t have the NHL from 1982-1995, in a sports city of its size there are certainly enough hockey crazy fans to seek out the highest level of the sport they can and for 13 years that meant DU hockey. After DU built their new arena in 1999 it was pretty much full due to it being new and DU was very competitive (including NCAA titles in 2004 and 2005) but the past few years have resulted in plenty of NCAA disappointment and the fans have been less interested although they still sell 5000+ most nights.

      To Brads comments about the student sections, agreed. Not sure about CC but DU’s tuition is around $40,000 a year not including living expenses, books, etc so a lot of those out of state students aren’t there for hockey. I think CC’s problem is that its such a small school, even if every single student was a fanatic they’d sitll only have 1800 students and normally less than 10% of any schools student body is a sports fanactic.

      If UAA were still in the league they would beat the CO schools for worst student sections, but barely.

    4. Wes in Denver

      I asked about how many ticket holders are season ticket holders. I was told they average year over year between 2500-2800 tickets are season holder tickets.

  2. blah blah blah

    I’m wondering if this was a poorly thought out scheme by the DU Ticket Office to sell more advanced tickets to games OTHER than the UND series? If they were to make a policy like this and really mean it, they wouldn’t rescind it.

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