Hakstol Happy With New NCAA Legislation

According to College Hockey Inc., the NCAA has enacted new legislation that allows college coaches to contact prospects directly on Jan. 1 of their sophomore season — five-and-a-half months earlier than before.

It also takes off some of the restrictions.

College Hockey Inc., has a detailed explanation on why it’s a significant deal for college hockey coaches in their battle with the CHL for top players.

At practice today, I asked coach Dave Hakstol, does that impact college hockey?

“Absolutely it does,” Hakstol said. “I don’t think it’s going to make recruiting younger. I think it might allow us to do our job a little bit better in getting to know some of the younger recruits before they end up making commitments, which for me, has been a big part of the process that has been missing.

“I think we’ve seen a lot of commitments by younger players who are not yet at an age where you can regularly communicate with them. So, I think you’re seeing one or two contacts, then decisions being made. Hopefully, this will allow the process to get back to personally getting to know families and bring back some of that recruiting process.”

4 Responses

  1. northdasotan

    If coaches can not contact someone they are interested in before their sophmore year, how does UMD get a commitment from an 8th grader?

    1. College coach tells the kid’s high school coach or advisor, “Hey, can you have Player X call us?” So, the kid can call the coach and initiate the contact/set up a visit/etc. Strangely enough, if the coaches miss the call, they are not allowed to return a phone call. It sounds like this has prevented the coaching staff from getting to know some of the recruits very well before having them on campus and getting them committed.

  2. Siouxguy

    Brad, does Hakstol think that process would prevent some of the incidents of losing players like they have in the past? When Major Juniors put on the full court press it seems like it is hard to pass up for some of these kids, especially those from traditional Major Junior areas. I wonder if it will only cause UND to continue down that path only to be disappointed time and again, leaving holes in the lineup of elite talent.

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