Gaudreau’s ridiculous season

There will be a conference call to discuss Hobey Baker Award candidates this season.

But let’s be honest. At this point, it’s only a formality.

I don’t recall a Hobey race that will have such little drama as this year’s. Even if he doesn’t tab another point this season, Boston College forward Johnny Gaudreau could win the Hobey.

After leading the Eagles to another Beanpot title on Monday night, Gaudreau has 58 points in 29 games this season. How absurd is that? Gaudreau already has five more points than anyone tallied in the nation last season.

On a historical note, Gaudreau has a shot at being the first college hockey player to tally two points per game for a season since New Hampshire’s Jason Krog in 1998-99. Krog won the Hobey that year.

However, back in 1998-99, scoring in college hockey was significantly higher than it is these days, which makes Gaudreau’s season even more impressive.

College hockey most ppg in the last decade

1.82 — Andy Miele, Miami, 2010-11
1.68 — T.J. Hensick, Michigan, 2006-07
1.60 — Eric Ehn, Air Force, 2006-07
1.59 — Spencer Abbott, Maine, 2011-12
1.58 — Nathan Gerbe, Boston College, 2007-08
1.56 — Gustav Nyquist, Maine, 2009-10
1.55 — Dave Borrelli, Mercyhurst, 2005-06
1.54 — Ryan Potulny, Minnesota, 2005-06

24 thoughts on “Gaudreau’s ridiculous season

  1. how does this compare to the Hrkus Circus of years ago.? I believe it pales in comparison to what Bob Joyce ( over 50 GOALS) in 1987 and Tony Hrkus (over 100 points?) did for the Sioux that year. Please check on it. and yeah I know times are different.

          • I dunno , maybe to stimulate some intelligent debate? notice I put ??? after my comments. The greatest of anything in sports is always open to debate, always ! there is never a ‘right’ answer.
            I am asking if there are ‘eras’ or peroids in hockey like in baseball where statistics are skewed. In the 1910’s etc there was a ‘dead ball era’ where the likes of Christy Mathewson could put up incredible #’s. The same thing happenned in the late 60’s with Bob Gibson etc.
            I’d like to know ‘why’ scoring is down.
            Cold acknowledgementof numbers doesn’t mean that much to me.

  2. I know it was more then a decade, but im still impressed with Jeff Panzer’s 81 points in 46 games in 2000-2001, thats roughly 1.75 ppg. Still no Hobey though…

  3. In the 98-99 season, there were an average of 6.39 goals scored per game, compared with 5.67 goals per game this year, a difference of 0.72 goals per game. For comparison, in the 86-87 season (Hrkac Circus), the average was 8.43 goals per game.

    You can see some really interesting things if you compare player point totals per season and correct those totals to any given year. (Disclaimer: there are some large assumptions being made here!)

    For example, if you take Panzer’s 200-01 season point total of 81 and multiply it by 1.36 (goals per game in 86-87 divided by GPG in 00-01), you get a normalized point total of 110.5, just shy of Hrkac’s 116. But Hrkac played 2 more games than Panzer, so an even better comparison is normalized PPG. The final result: Hrkac – 2.42 PPG, Panzer – 2.40 PPG

    Now to JG: Gaudreau this year is averaging 2 PPG so far. If he keeps that pace up, it would give him a normalized PPG value (86-87 basis) of 2.97, compared to Hrkac’s 2.42. Amazing.

    Following the same logic, Hrkac’s record season would devalue to 1.63 PPG in this season, compared to 2 PPG for Gaudreau.

  4. Carey kept it interesting for a couple months there, but now it’s just the Gaudreau show. He won this thing a couple months ago.

  5. Not sure on his numbers, but Paul Kiriya had a killer season back in the day, AS A FRESHMAN!! That fact alone has to count for something…

  6. He is an electric player and was excited to see him in college again this year. Not sure how his game translates to the NHL, he was a bit smaller if I remember. Impressive season!

  7. bob, those numbers were impressive to be sure, but you have to remember that in the 1979-80 season, average game scoring was 9.29 goals per game. Compare that to this year’s 5.67 goals per game, and you can see how impressive Gaudreau’s numbers are.

    • yeah yeah yeah but WHY!
      Is it coaching that stresses defense over offense . Better goaltending , different goalie equipment. Rule changes ?????

    • yeah yeah yeah but WHY!
      Is it coaching that stresses defense over offense . Better goaltending , different goalie equipment. Rule changes ?????

  8. Gaudreau. Gerbe, Gionta.
    Another BC mighty mite!
    Jerry York always seems to get those small, dynamic players who can score!
    I love my UND, but Boston College is the best college hockey program right now (the past 13 or so years) and it’s because they can get high-end players who can play big.

    • “…small, dynamic players who can score!”
      Sounds a lot like Rocco, Duncan, Trupp, Hoogsteen. I think we get our share too…

    • No doubt about BC’s dominance,and they DO get the best of the best (like the Sioux). Gaudreau has stayed relatively injury-free too, and thats been a stroke of good fortune for him. Rocco is still playing on a reconstructed knee (and very well). All in all though, Johny G seems to be a great player (and a nice person as well)…..

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