Olympic Pairings Set


Monday’s semifinals
USA vs. Sweden, 6:30 a.m.
Canada vs. Switzerland, 11 a.m.


Tuesday’s qualifications
Top half
Slovenia vs. Austria, 2 a.m. Tuesday; winner to play Sweden in quarters, 2 a.m. Wednesday
Russia vs. Norway, 6:30 a.m. Tuesday; winner to play Finland in quarters, 6:30 a.m. Wednesday

Bottom half
Switzerland vs. Latvia, 11 a.m. Tuesday; winner to play Canada in quarters, 11 a.m. Wednesday
Czech Republic vs. Slovakia, 11 a.m. Tuesday; winner to play USA in quarters, 11 a.m. Wednesday

8 Responses

  1. G&W in Denver

    How did they determine what side of the draw everyone would be in? Thought it interesting that Russia is in the side of the ledger opposite of USA and Canada and the fact USA and Canada are in the same side of the ledger. Conspiracy or no?

  2. Chicago UND Fan

    Just saw that Oshie is going to be on the Todayv show tomorrow. I hope this interview goes better than the interview with Pat Sweeney and Erik Fabian last, that was a classic.

  3. Labatt Blue Guy

    They actually reseed after the first round, and quarterfinals. But if these hold true to form the pairings Brad noted would be right if the higher seeds win out.

    1. StuckDownSouth

      ive seen that they don’t reseed after each round… they are locked in and the bracket holds true to the way it is set up.

  4. noblindersonme

    What happenned to Finland in Women’s hockey? I thought Finland was the definite #3 , and even a threat to USA or Canada with the world’s best goalie , Raty.

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