North Dakota’s Olympic Medalists

On Thursday, regardless of the result, Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux will become the first North Dakotans ever to win two Olympic medals. They also could become the first North Dakotans to win gold.

Here’s our list of North Dakotans winning Olympic medals. Let me know if I’m missing anyone.

1956 — Ken Purpur, silver, men’s ice hockey
1956 — John Bennett, silver, long jump
1960 — Cliff Cushman, silver, 400 hurdles
1984 —  Virgil Hill, silver middleweight boxing
2010 — Jocelyne Lamoureux, silver, women’s ice hockey
2010 — Monique Lamoureux, silver, women’s ice hockey

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          1. He wasn’t born in North Dakota, but grew up here and claims it as his home. I also found a lady named Ethel Catherwood, who was born in Hannah, N.D., and won a gold medal in the 1928 Olympics. But she was raised in Saskatchewan and won gold for Canada. So, she’s considered from Saskatchewan, even though she is technically a North Dakota native. That’s why I chose the words “North Dakotan” instead of North Dakota “native.”

  1. noblindersonme

    Rick Helling , raised in Lakota . I believe he played baseball in Barcelona and the team won gold. I will double check that.

    1. noblindersonme

      Well I was half right. Rick participated in 1992 in Spain , but Cuba took gold and the US did not medal . It was a major blow to US baseball then.
      but Rick made us all proud when he did become a good major leaguer and a great representative of the game , one of the first leaders in the anti steroid trials.
      Rick won almost a 100 games and if he had not broken his leg when he signed with the TWINS he would of reached another level of acheivement.
      I saw him grow up in my home town , a fine young man!

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