Old CCHAers Struggling

It’s only one year, and it could be an anomaly, but right now, the old CCHA isn’t doing much to convince people of its strength.

Only 2 of 10 teams from the CCHA have a winning record in their new conference — Michigan (6-5-1) and Ferris State (16-4-2).

Even worse, two of the CCHA’s most powerful teams — Miami and Notre Dame — are at or near the bottom of their leagues. Miami and Notre Dame combined to win 5 of the last 8 CCHA titles. Miami is dead last in the NCHC. Notre Dame sits only ahead of Merrimack, BU and UMass in the 10-team Hockey East.

Alaska Anchorage, which never once earned home ice in the WCHA playoffs in 20 years, is on track to do it in the new WCHA.

So, was the CCHA due for a down year with Miami’s injuries/CHL losses and the Big Ten teams having to deal with strong Gopher and Badger teams? Or wasn’t the CCHA all that great?

Impossible to tell at this point, but let’s hear your thoughts.

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  1. StuckDownSouth

    How would things look with last year’s WCHA?… (Records are current overall records *** with much different conferences***)

    Minnesota 21-4-5
    Mankato 19-13-0
    SCSU 17-6-5
    Wisconsin 17-9-2
    Sioux 16-9-3
    Anchorage 15-11-4
    Denver 14-10-6
    Duluth 13-11-4
    Omaha 12-14-2
    Mich Tech 10-10-4
    Bemidji 9-16-7
    CC 4-18-6

  2. TrueSioux

    Off topic, but last week you mentioned the week’s Q & A was with Derek Rodwell. Where can we find that, and previous ones, too?

  3. Devo

    I seriously doubt that Minnesota would maintain its current 21-4-5 record if they were still in the old WCHA this year.

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