U.S. Falls In Heartbreaking Fashion

Less than a minute away from gold, the U.S. allowed a game-tying goal, then lost the gold medal final in overtime, 3-2 to Canada on Thursday.

Marie Philip Poulin, who scored both goals of Canada’s 2-0 win in the finals four years ago, had both the game-tying goal and the game-winning goal to lift the Canadians to their fourth consecutive gold medal.

In what will surely be the most bitter of any Olympic loss for the U.S., they led 2-0 with less than four minutes to go. Canada got the first one on a shot that went off of a U.S. defenseman and in. Then, Poulin picked up a poke-check attempt from U.S. goalie Jesse Vetter and tied it.

In overtime, the Canadians scored on a four-on-three power play, setting up Poulin on the back door.

UND’s Jocelyne Lamoureux led the Olympics in assists with five. Monique Lamoureux finished third in goals with three. Warroad’s Gigi Marvin led Team USA in ice time.

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    1. northdasotan

      I didn’t see the US women choke. I did see the Canadian women pour it on in the third, get a lucky bounce that would have most likely ended the chance for a comeback and end up on the good side of a questionable penalty by Knight.

    2. noblindersonme

      shame on you willie , no team that fought as hard as those women did deserves the ‘ choke job’ dismissive.

  1. Sioux in the Cities

    I find it extra frustrating because of how little the twins played. Just over 12 minutes for Jocelyne and under 10 minutes for Monique? Hard loss to take.

  2. Wayne

    Question, during the play by play Mr. Emerick calls it a 5 on 3 powerplay goal for Canada to win. It’s hard to understand how a 20 minute 4 on 4 OT period can end up being a 5 on 3? I would think it would be just an extended 4 on 3 but Olympic rules are a lot different.

  3. Sioux Fan3.0

    Well that’s Y ya gotta love hockey folks! Never know whats going to happen or how things are going to pan out. What was there a minute and a half left when the puck was slowly rolling towards the canadien’s open net (I’m thinking ITS OVER as its rolling) only to hit the post square on!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh. Feel so bad for those gals, especially after reading the Ratty retirement letter and realizing this may be it for some of them. I’m confident the Lams will be back but that is no guarantee of course. All is not lost though as a Silver Medal is still something to be very proud of.

  4. siouxfaninMinot

    Brad – Next time say spoiler alert in the title! I am just joking, but seriously I tried so hard to not see the score all day so I could watch the game on dvr and not know who won!

  5. Mark

    I really thought it was the USA’s turn. I guess in hockey as in life it doesn’t always work out the way you want, but as far as I’m concerned those are the two best teams in the world by a country mile, they are evenly matched and it could easily have gone the other way….why not? Can’t explain. Feel bad for the gals but they aren’t second place to me! What an effort!! Very proud. USA!

  6. Common Sense

    @willythekid – “choke” is a word used by those who have never put it on the line. You’ve insulted a great team and a great effort. We’re all disappointed, but your comment is a bigger disappointment than the loss.

    1. noblindersonme

      ditto , and those who have been tempted to use that phrase in the past /or future should see how low it makes the insulter look.

  7. G&W in Denver

    Darn. Did anyone see the penalties in OT? I saw Knight’s but did not see the slashing penalty. Just curious what everyone thought? I think Knight’s was definitely a penalty but I saw a quote from Knight saying she did not touch her. Not too sure about that – they both fell and it did not look like a dive to me at all. Looked like a trip to me.

    1. Joker

      Their feet got tangled up, no body contact, tough call. I am assuming since Knight was trying to maneuver around the Canadian player to get position and took away her lane they called it…almost shocked it wasn’t a penalty shot. But because it was somewhat ‘unintentional’ I don’t think they could have given her a penalty shot.

  8. Sioux Fan3.0

    J-Lam’s slashing call was made in front of the net as she tried to free the pick from the tenders pads.. Apparently she had been warned earlier in the game for making a similar jab at the goalie. Still a pretty lame ace call if u ask me! Especially in OT in the Golf Medal game. Wow. Payback tomorrow at 11am then a trip up to Duluth in store. Big Day:). Gotta get some rest. GO SIOUX

  9. yababy8

    Good call Northdasotan. I just got done watching the game and there was no choking going on. USA was fortunate to be ahead 2 zip but not fortunate enough to win.

  10. noblindersonme

    Hockey basketball football … all games that can make us crazy with joy and pride ,and grief and sorrow , depending on our teams outcome. We win and we are thrilled , lose and we are devastated esp if it is as evenly matched and determined by these agonizing events. ‘WE WERE THIS CLOSE!”
    Then comes the second quessing and the questioning of officials and umpires and referees. I guess it can’t be avoided . Those team games are wonderful but gosh I wish the games were not determined by the men/women in stripes! Yeah but how do not have referees in a game?
    That is why I love the pure races so much .Skiing, track etc. Start at a line and the fastest to the other lines wins. No referees along the way throwing a flag of penalty. I still love hockey ,maybe the best team sport for pure excitement , but I doubt we will ever see the perfectly officiated game.

  11. brsioux

    I was a little frustrated that they swallowed their whistles and didn’t call the obvious penalties in the last 6 minutes of the game but then decided to call everything in OT. It seemed very inconsistent to me. Not one sided – just inconsistent and it’s hard to know how to play in those games.
    The girls played awesome and showed a lot of heart. I was disappointed in the prevent defense late in the game but that just shows us why a 2 goal lead is the worst lead in hockey. Philip-Poulin can’t be left alone in the offensive zone. Bad defensive mistakes there.

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