UND Clinches Home Ice

There was a point this season where it looked like, for the first time in a long time, UND might finally have to make travel plans for the first round of the playoffs.

That won’t be the case.

UND may be in a new league, but it’s the same old result. For the 12th consecutive season, UND has clinched home ice for the first round of the playoffs.

Ticket information will likely be coming sometime in the next week.

8 Responses

    1. Sioux4Ever

      I think if we end the regular season tied in points, we would share the cup. It would then be determined first by NCHC wins who would get the number 1 seed in the tournament.

    1. skippy

      I haven’t done the math, but I think it has to do with who is playing whom, and whether the teams in the middle can maintain position even if the unthinkable happens and a team like DU wins out and UND loses out.

  1. Yajji

    Denver and Western Michigan play. Both teams cannot get 6 points that weekend. So if Denver sweeps, western would not be able to get enough points to pass UND. If Western gains 2 points, Denver cannot reach them.

  2. Sparky

    For those of us not able to see UND play, how did our goalie play (other than the obvious of letting in fewer goals than the other guy)? Also, how are the defense coming along? I have to admit, I am quite surprised by the improvement from our D (from the few games I have seen since Xmas), Schmaltz seems like a star in the making. Welcome any comments….TIA.

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