NCHC Tiebreakers

I’ve been asked about this several times recently. Here they are directly from the league:

Seeding of teams for the NCHC Tournament shall be determined by the final NCHC standings at the end of the regular season. If two or more teams have the same number of points in the final standings, they tie will be broken based on the below formula.

In the case of ties among three or more schools, the criteria will be used in order until a team, or teams, is separated from the pack. At that point, the process will begin anew to break the “new” tie. In other words, when a four-way tie becomes a three-way tie, the three-way tie is treated as a “new” tie and the process begins with the first criterion.

1. The team with the greater number of NCHC regular-season wins shall be the higher seed.

2. Head-to-head competition. Among the teams tied in the standings, the team with the highest winning percentage will be the higher seed.

3. Goal differential: Total goals for and against in contests between the teams tied in the standings.

4. Winning percentage of the teams tied in the standings against the remaining NCHC teams, starting at the top of the standings and working toward the bottom until the tie is broken.

5. Coin flip.

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  1. joe

    So why do you then have Saint Cloud ahead of us on the standings on the right side of your page?

    Everyone is a critic.

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