6 thoughts on “Friday night goal videos

  1. Farragher was having uncharacteristic trouble with rebounds on a couple of those last night. Will be interesting to see if Motzko thinks he will turn that around and gives him the knod tonight……

  2. Far pad + man up the middle = hockey 101…… The goalie doesn’t have a choice

    • Watch film on him. He usually has very good control and pops those directly into the corner (instead of straight out into the slot). Usually a timing issue, or referred to as being “handcuffed” (albeit leg-irons, in this case :-) ). I doubt he will play that way tonight (if he indeed DOES play)….

      • BTW here’s a PERFECT example (and against the Sioux too). Ignore the guy waiting on the doorstep and unbelievable save thereafter….. :-)

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