Season On The Line In Game 3

UND is headed to Game 3 today against Colorado College, and almost certainly, the season is on the line.

UND plummeted to No. 15 in the Pairwise Rankings after an overtime loss Saturday to the Tigers, and if UND does not win the NCHC tournament, it will need to get in the top 14 in the Pairwise to get in. That’s not going to happen if it goes 0-1 before Selection Sunday.

It was another day of upsets in the NCHC with home teams losing all four games. For three of them — St. Cloud State, Nebraska Omaha and Minnesota Duluth — they are knocked out of the NCHC tournament and Omaha and Duluth are done for the season. UND will try to avoid that fate tonight.

If UND wins, it will play Miami on Friday in the NCHC semifinals, while Western Michigan and Denver play in the other semifinal. The commissioner will decide which game is played at which time. UND-Miami would seemingly be a much larger draw and I would be surprised if it’s not the night game.

If Colorado College wins, it will play rival Denver on Friday in the NCHC semifinals, while Western Michigan and Miami play in the other semifinal. That one is a tough call for the night game, but if I had to guess, I would say the CC-DU rivalry wins out and that one is at night.

Full rewind coming in the late morning/early afternoon.

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  1. christian13

    Is St. Cloud State really done for the season as your article suggests? I would think they are still in the hunt for an at large berth despite losing this weekend.

  2. Carl D

    When was the last time our regular season conference winner didn’t have the pairwise to make the nat’l tourney? Seems unbelievable to me we could only get one team into the 16.

  3. Sioux4ever

    If our team could get going and actually win games before thanksgiving, this wouldn’t be an issue right now. Obviously we need to win, and it wouldn’t hurt to have northeastern and Vermont lose today as well. Can’t believe it comes down to this. Unbelievable.

        1. Viking1

          Obviously hastily-written, but the NCHC’s TERRIBLE non-conference regular season record has been extensively covered here all year. As I predicted in the Miami/SCSU series, talented teams with a heightened sense of desperation (playing teams with nothing to gain) are exceedingly dangerous. We could see more of the same today with the Michigan/Goophers and Notre Dame/BC matchups. A Sioux win puts them real close, as either Lowell or Vermont will be droppin down a few slots after they play today. Better also hope for a New Hampshire win over Northeastern…. πŸ™‚

          1. Viking1

            Ooops, need my morning coffee. “Saw” in the Michigan vs Goophers game yesterday; “may see” when Michigan plays Penn State (who inexplicably had their number this year) in round one….. πŸ™‚

        2. erik

          When I read the words done for the season to me and anyone else reading it means for good. Poorly worded comment. There is no way to separate the comment the NCHC season from the whole season.

  4. Elk river Sioux

    No, SCSU is still in the top 10 in the pairwise. Barring a very unlikely string of vents they will be in the NCAA tourney.

  5. UNDAlum_GoSioux

    “St. Cloud State, Nebraska Omaha and Minnesota Duluth β€” they are knocked out of the NCHC tournament and they are done for the season.”

    This does say that all three are “done for the season”. Unless St Cloud takes a precipitous drop in the Pairwise without playing any more games before Selection Sunday, St Cloud is still alive. So the statement is incorrect for SCSU.

  6. guest

    What a nightmare for the NCHC tournament, no St. Cloud or Duluth is really going to sap attendance, if UND doesn’t make it it’s going to be really empty.

  7. Sioux1

    Of course rather than whining about the way he wrote the article maybe you guys should educate yourself and understand the way hockey selects its participants for the national tourney and then there wouldnt be any confusion in what he said in the article.

    1. Sioux Fan3.0

      Goons World, USCHO, CHN are all good starts to a college hockey education. Oh SiouX sports, undsports,, miller time, brad’s blog (favorite), coaches corner, through these doors (AWESOME), if i’m missing a site please let me know. Die hard Sioux Troller here and no i do not frequent Goofball websites or any other. Real Sioux Fans have class

    2. Steve

      Whining? Maybe you should learn proper grammar. If you did, you would be as confused as the rest of us that asked the question. We rely on Brad’s excellent info all year long, so when he makes a mistake in his understandable rush to get info out, I think we’re allowed to ask for clarification.

  8. Time is Right Now

    I am so sick of this garbage! Pissed that they continue to come out flat-footed in the 1st and have to play “come from behind hockey” … Time to pull your panties up and step up! Your home town glory privileges may and can be revoked! OLD TIME FIGHTING SIOUX HOCKEY

  9. Devo

    Echo some of the aforementioned comments. Despite being a SCSU fan, I, too, refer to Brad’s blog, which is a favorite, for college hockey info on and off the ice; it’s second to none, IMO.

    Also, ‘guest on’ is right that the playoffs are turning into a NCHC nightmare, especially if the Sioux (still can’t get the name out of my mind) don’t go. With no MN or ND representation, the fans in the stands will be absolutely sparse, with most local hockey diehards turning out to the Excel for the BIG tourney and likely no more than a pitiful few making the long range trips from Ohio, MI and CO. What a dismal end to the NCHC season that would be. Dang. Bring back the Red Baron WCHA Final Five–there was nothing better.

    1. Sioux Fan3.0

      Well said Devo. Im sure U and I are not the only’s ones wishing we were attending the old final five this coming weekend.

      1. Viking1

        You can blame Penn State for the dispansion of the WCHA. I wish they’d stayed a club team (who cares about the East coast anyway?). I never thought I’d be rooting for Michigan to put a hurting on a team, but here we are….. πŸ™‚

  10. tkk

    Lots of tickets have been sold to Sioux fans; if the don’t make it, the tickets are worthless for trying to sell. Would guess there are some SCSU/Duluth fans hoping for a Sioux win tonight so they have a chance to sell theirs.

  11. Harlan O.

    I think the NCHC needs to have UND in the Frozen Faceoff. Watch out CC. You may get many penalties tonight. Just saying.

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