The Conference Tourney Streak

A lot of UND fans are expected to descend upon Minneapolis this weekend for the NCHC Frozen Faceoff.

UND getting out of the first round of the conference playoffs and making it to the conference tournament seems like an annual assumption at this point. But when I looked up other teams’ streaks, it is clear that not every program is able to do that.

UND’s run of 12 consecutive conference tournaments quadruples every other team in the nation outside of Michigan and Miami.

Longest conference tourney streaks

25 — Michigan*
12 — North Dakota
5 — Miami
3 — Providence
3 — Mercyhurst
3 — Niagara
3 — Union
3 — Minnesota*
2 — MSU-Mankato
2 — Notre Dame
2 — Canisius
2 — Quinnipiac
2 — UMass-Lowell
2 — Wisconsin*
2 — Ohio State*
1 — Colgate
1 — Cornell
1 — Robert Morris
1 — Anchorage
1 — Denver
1 — Western Michigan
1 — New Hampshire
1 — Ferris State
1 — Bowling Green
1 — Michigan State*
1 — Penn State*

*Big Ten member, received automatic entry this season

As you can see, Michigan has an absolutely absurd run going of 25 years, dating back to 1989, when it was bounced by Bowling Green. Then, it’s UND, Miami and everybody else.

It’s not easy in playoff time to consistently advance like UND and Michigan have been able to. I think the consistency is reason No. 1 why UND has built the crowds it has been able to during the past few years at the Final Five.

Fans started assuming that UND would be in the Twin Cities. They attended the tournament, had fun, and made plans to do it the following year, figuring the team would be back. It certainly helped the cause that UND won it four times in seven years.

This time, the tournament is on the other side of the river, but once again, expect a strong showing from UND fans. Many have planned to be there since the start of the season, and once again, the team delivered.

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  1. Dave

    Wouldn’t an asterisk also be attached to Michigan? Still impressive but an autobid to the BIG non the less.

    1. Sioux4Ever

      We should stop counting all big joke teams since they go right to the tourney…….what a cake conference……

  2. brent

    there goes your perfect streak Brad………interesting list of teams in single digits….sioux will beat Miami – may have some trouble with Brittain – Goalie from DU – need to shoot and crash the net

  3. Bob Szczys

    I think the TV arrangement with FOX Sports for several years helped to fuel the fan base. With that coverage, a lot f us followed the team weekly. It was a natural toward the end of the season to try to make the palyoffs in the area.
    I hope such a TV arrangement can again be part of North Dakota Hockey.

  4. kb

    Actual quote from my ticket agent at Target Center: “We’re ecstatic that UND won. We expect 90% or better of the crowd to be Sioux fans. St Cloud is only an hour away and we hardly sold any tickets to their fans.” I loved the little dig at St Cloud.

      1. ElkRiverSioux

        Brad, don’t UND and Miami currently have the longest NCAA streaks right now as well? Obviously, one of them will end tomorrow night but…

  5. logical

    and you have to get to Number 10 on that list to find a team that has won a Natty in the last 10 years. Bucky!

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