A Writer’s Perspective Of Saturday Night

MINNEAPOLIS — I have been covering college hockey for nine years now, and as a writer, game days are quite routine.

Get to the rink at a certain time. Watch the game/live blog/etc. Go get quotes. Write the game story. Go home.

Not the case Saturday night.

It ended up being the strangest process to filing a game story in my time at the Herald. So, I’ll take you through it from my perspective.

5:57 p.m. — UND game ends. Final score: UND 5, Western Michigan 0. I head downstairs for the press conference. Before Western Michigan takes the podium, Goon makes the gigantic journalist mistake of saying the ‘O’ word in reference to the night games. I immediately thank him for guaranteeing that Wisconsin and Ohio State would go into overtime (yes, that’s the O-word), and in turn, crush my deadline.

6:20 p.m. — UND takes the podium. It’s Dave Hakstol, Connor Gaarder and Stephane Pattyn. I get a few quotes about the game. But most are along the lines of: “We did our part, now it’s time to sit and wait and see if we get in.”

Obviously, I cannot use that type of a quote in my game story for Sunday morning’s paper, because by then, we’ll all know whether they got in or not. So, I knew I would have to try to track down quotes before the team left for Grand Forks. I knew they were going to stick around downtown for a while and I figured I would seek them out after the results of the Wisconsin and Lowell games.

6:32 p.m. — Pressers are over. I grab dinner at the Target Center and head back upstairs to the press box to start writing my story. I fill in details about the game at the bottom of my story, but leave the top completely blank. The angle of my story is whether the team is getting into the NCAAs or not and I have to wait for the results. By this time, Lowell takes a 2-0 lead on New Hampshire.

7:38 p.m. — By the start of the Denver-Miami game, I have my quotes transcribed and I start writing what I can. I’m also quite distracted by the game and the free Skittles in the press box. That slowed my progress considerably. I post something on the web saying that UND beat Western, the highlights of the game and that it is waiting for Lowell and Wisconsin to determine its fate. By this time, Lowell is in full control of the game and we all know it’s going to come down to the Badgers.

8:51 p.m. — Ohio State leads 3-2. I’ve done all that I can at the Target Center. I decide to leave the NCHC title game late in the second period go to back to the Marriott, where I hope to be in position to track down the coaches after the Badger game ends.

9:05 p.m. — I arrive at the Marriott, where the lobby is on the fifth floor. There’s a very large open lounge area there with lots of TVs. I see all of them are on the OSU-UW game and the lounge is filled with UND fans. I walk over there to watch a little bit of the game. Within a minute, the Buckeyes score to go up 4-2 with 6:52 left. I said, “That’s it,” and I turned to head back to my room and start writing the UND-misses-the-NCAA-tournament-for-the-first-time-in-12-years story. A UND fan nearby heard me and said with a disgusted look, “No, it’s not.” I turned and looked at him like he had three heads and said, “Yeah dude, it is.” He angrily interjects again, “No, it’s not!” I think he is delusional and I head to the elevators.

9:06 p.m. — I walk on the elevator. Dane Jackson happens to be on it. I inform him that Ohio State just scored again and it’s 4-2. He looks dejected knowing how close UND came to making the NCAAs.

9:07 p.m. — I get to the room, open up my laptop and prepare to write. But the first tweet I see says, “Wisconsin, Ohio State tied up 4-4.” What? Are you kidding? Wisconsin scored not once but twice during my 30-second elevator ride? No chance. I flip on Big Ten Network and sure enough, it’s tied. Crazy.

9:20 p.m. — Overtime. Thanks, Goon.

9:21 p.m. — It’s probably going to be a tight deadline, so I know I better start writing. Since I already looked up some good stats about UND missing the tournament — and how the team would have been in the NCAAs had Omaha beat Bentley in the opening game of the year or if CC won just a single nonconference game this season — I decided to start the UND-misses-the-NCAA-tournament-for-the-first-time-in-12-years story first.

9:36 p.m. — Overtime begins. My OSU-wins, UND-is-out story is complete. I just need to insert a couple of quotes from coach Dave Hakstol about things not working out.

9:50 p.m. — Zengerle scores. Control-A delete.

9:51 p.m. — I knew the lobby must be going nuts, so I went to check out the scene and try to find players/coaches for quotes, knowing the team is probably leaving pretty quick now. I get in the elevator on the 15th floor. I can hear the fans in the lobby. Yes, from the 15th floor.

A couple of Purdue women’s swimmers were on the elevator with me and looked a bit frightened. One said: “Oh my God, what is going on at this hotel right now?” As Chris Dilks tweeted, “The worst night of your life is happening right now, Purdue swimming girl.” They probably didn’t get much sleep.

9:52 p.m. — I reach the lobby. It is, indeed, chaos. The “Let’s Go Sioux” chants are ringing out. Fans are still cheering. A couple players watched the game with them in the lobby. Others starting coming down.

As each group of players reached the lobby, they embraced. Captain Dillon Simpson hugged just about everyone he saw with an excited, relieved look on his face, knowing he hasn’t played his last game yet. Senior Clarke Saunders sat alone in the corner, smiling from ear to ear, taking in the scene around him.

The lobby/lounge area is open there and you can see the elevator bank on the other side. When all the fans saw Hakstol walk out, they erupted and cheered again. Hakstol gave them a fist-pump.

Former UND coach Dean Blais happened to be standing nearby and walked up to Hakstol and said: “Cheering for Wisconsin? You’ve got to be (kidding) me!” They had a good laugh. You could tell that Blais was genuinely happy about UND getting in.

Amid their celebrations, I cut in to get some quotes. Simpson said the game took three years off his life. Pattyn held out his hands and said, “I’m still shaking.”

Our web/multimedia manager Lori Weber, who made the trip, finished up loading video and photos to the website at Target Center and headed back to the hotel, but missed the chaos by about 5 minutes. So, unfortunately, no video of it.

A group of about 20 players walked out of the hotel together. The fans saw them leaving and started chanting again.

I was told that at the Target Center, there wasn’t much happening on the ice, when all of the sudden, fans started cheering all over. They were following the games on their cell phones. A “Let’s Go Sioux” chant also erupted there during the middle of the third period of the Denver-Miami game.

Others tweeted at me that the same repeated at bars in downtown Minneapolis.

10:13 p.m. — I head back to the room to type the new, UND-is-in-the-NCAA-tournament-for-a-12th-straight-year story. I file that as quickly as possible to make deadline. Here was the end result.

10:32 p.m. — Story is filed. I double check to make sure I e-mailed the UND-is-in story and not the UND-misses-the-NCAA-tournament-for-the-first-time-in-12-years story. That would have been bad.

11:25 p.m. — Two blog posts complete. Bracket nerding is done. I can finally take a break from this chaotic night and relax. That means one thing. Pepperoni pizza in the lobby.

Midnight — The UND fan who heard me say, “It’s over,” stops by to remind me that the UW-OSU game was, indeed, not over. I concede.

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  1. Go Sioux

    Great write-up Brad. I’ve traveled to several Sioux road games and they are always a great time. Tough on the liver but a good time none the less.

    Every time you write about these events, be it the outdoor game in Omaha or the final five….. and I’m not there, I get pissed. Brad Schlossman you may have THE best job out there.

  2. Sparky

    Thanks Brad, I felt like I was right there in the middle of it….great stuff! Now let’s go steal one form our friends in the cheese country. Thank them first, of course, then proceed to send them home…..in a pleasant sort of way..:)

  3. marktaylorfan

    We are fortunate to have this wonderful coverage provided by Mr. Schlossman. Been said many times, but this is the most extensive and entertaining college hockey coverage in the country.

    1. TrueSioux

      I totally agree! I loved this post, especially when it had a happy ending…. let’s keep going, Sioux!!

  4. Drew - Fargo Sioux

    Once again, another year I have failed to attend this madness of UND fans taking over the TC area. What a great story Brad, thanks for sharing.

  5. OmahaSioux

    Only Brad would write a story about writing a story. You’re the best Brad! Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. YaneA

    Brilliant work, Brad, on the story within the story. Should be required reading in sports journalism classes. Thanks for all you do.

  7. ExSportsGoon

    That was awesome! What a roller coaster. And that’s why you never call a game until the very end. Screwed me more than once during page layout.

  8. Always a guest on the blog

    Thanks for the story in the story–watching the season of hockey is one thing, getting to see it through your eyes the last couple years as been GREAT! Thanks for everything you do to complete our hockey experience.

  9. Musky Steve

    Outstanding report! I was in the 5th floor Marriott lounge during the WI/OSU game and your description of the tense atmosphere was spot-on. No greater display of team loyalty and pride could ever been made when a fan’s shout of “Let’s go Sioux” became a thunderous roar throughout the building. Onward to Cincinnati. Let’s kick Bucky back to Madison and beat the rest! Sioux Ya Ya!!!!!

  10. Trickey7

    Definitely a lot more excitement Saturday than Friday night. That may have been one of the worst atmospheres for 8,000 plus Sioux fans. Not much to cheer about to total elation on Saturday.

    Wished i would have gone to the Marriott to partake in the festivities, would have been a fun celebration.

    I am glad this team got a second chance to redeem themselves after a couple bad games. Hoping the team takes advantage!!!!

  11. chad

    Brad, all the negativity from the live blogs has rubbed off on you as we can see with your exchange with that fan:)

  12. JoePilot

    Brad, you should have an Intern crunch some numbers on how UND has finish going to the tournament as 1, 2, 3 and 4th seeds. Might be a cool stat, might not be.

  13. christian13

    Let’s hear it for the Forrest Gump of College Hockey. Schloss is there when all the important stuff happens!

    Go get yourself some Skyline Chili when you are in Cincinnati, Brad.

  14. ghookermls

    Would it have been easier or harder, I wonder, if there had been a CCHA (or anybody) game on Sunday ?

  15. chuck haga

    Good work,young man. Excellent that you double-checked which story version you sent.
    Surprised, though, you didn’t send cell phone video from lobby celebration. C’mon!

  16. Pachl

    Brad, great write up. I was sitting at the bar in the lobby with my wife watching the game when Wisconsin won, and I will tell everyone that it seemed as loud as the Ralph. We happened to be talking to one of the bartenders, and when the cheers erupted she looked terrified! She said she had never had a night that busy or a crowd quite like the UND crowd there, but she said it in a very positive way. It was great to see the team celebrating with the fans, and hopefully we can all get some more cheering in this season.

    On an unrelated note, I was at the Wild/Red Wings game that afternoon and was told by some of the staff at the Xcell Center that the gophers game the night before had a whopping attendance of 5,000. I was wearing a Sioux hat and they commented that they missed having UND there to virtually sell out the place and make it a fun atmosphere. It made me proud to be a UND fan to hear that.

  17. Schloss how come you didn’t use the Mike Eaves presser quote I sent you in your article?

    (Eaves is asked about the “playing God” ramifications of the game, OSU getting in and UND out)

    “…we were actually trying to throw the game, but we were playing a Big Ten hockey conference opponent, and scoring on ourselves wasn’t really an option, so, there you go.”

  18. Sioux-per-man

    Great read in the life of reporter! But even a BETTER story! Now here is hoping we play our “Saturday Game” THIS Friday! Time to put Bucky down his hole for the rest of the year 🙂

  19. Scott

    Goosebumps. I was at the Target Center watching DU-Miami and when Wisconsin scored everyone knew it. We could hear the exact moment Wisconsin scored as the fan eruption rang throughout the arena from the suites and from everyone using their cell phones. The “Lets Go Sioux” chant started immediately. Historic, memorable event in the long tradition that is “Fighting Sioux Hockey”. Go Sioux!

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