Fans react to the UW goal

UND fan Ryan Lindberg ended up capturing video of the action at a bar in downtown Minneapolis, where fans were watching the Wisconsin-Ohio State game. UND fans were knowledgeable enough to know that the Badgers needed to win for UND to get into the NCAA tournament. Here’s their reaction to the overtime goal.

8 thoughts on “Fans react to the UW goal

  1. Haha, I like how the Badger fans in the front looked so confused when the “Let’s go Sioux” chant started.

  2. Hey there I am, and my bro and some other friends. We had the table right behind the badger fan. He was cool about it, was confused the first time we all cheered them scoring, I felt confused doing it also but it was huge. Pourhouse was a lot of fun. That dance floor got packed really fast after all this with people celebrating

  3. Did anyone happen to get a video of the Marriott lobby? I wasn’t able to go this year and yes, I am kicking myself for it.

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