Three Leave NCHC Early

With teams’ seasons starting to end, the signing season is heating up in college hockey and the NCHC has already bid farewell to three standouts.

Over the weekend, Minnesota Duluth’s Caleb Herbert signed with the Washington Capitals and Nebraska Omaha’s Josh Archibald signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins. On Monday, Colorado College rookie defenseman Gustav Olofsson signed with the Minnesota Wild.

Archibald, the son of former UND great Jim Archibald, was the NCHC player of the year, scoring 29 goals this season — a whopping 15 more than anyone else on his team. Omaha loses a lot of offense and speed with his signing. Omaha has another player that could sign early in defenseman Jaycob Megna.

Herbert was probably the most skilled of Duluth’s very talented forward group. He led the team in scoring with 31 points. Even with his signing, the Bulldogs still have a very skilled group coming back up front.

Olofsson was one of the key pieces to Colorado College’s strong, young defensive corps. It’s a tough hit for the Tigers, who were hoping to watch that group grow and continue to be the team’s strength. The Wild reportedly tried to get Olofsson to leave Colorado College after the World Juniors and go to the WHL. Olofsson declined. So, it’s no surprise the Wild came after him.

NCHC early signings

Colorado College (1)
Gustav Olofsson, fr, d, Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Duluth (1)
Caleb Herbert, jr, f, Washington Capitals

Nebraska Omaha (1)
Josh Archibald, jr, f, Pittsburgh Penguins

9 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Speaking as a UND fan I take no pleasure in seeing guys jump ship on other teams. It’s not good for the college game as a whole.

  2. forever sioux

    I don’t like that they are encouraging players to jump ship mid-season. I admire the young man for sticking out the year with his teammates and for his coaches. Shame on the Wild for a bush move.

    1. Den

      The Wild are a desperate organization right now. As the only marginally successful major pro team in the MSP area right now fan interest is waning, payroll is high, talent pool in the minors not super. They need to make and do well in the playoffs right now to hold any future interest for fans. Why folks go watch them I will never know.

      1. Ryan

        I’m not seeing the desperation that you’re talking about. The Wild are a virtual lock to make the playoffs for the second straight year, backed by two superstar players in Parise and Suter, along with top-end guys like Koivu, Pominville and Moulson. They’ve got a young talent pool highlighted by Granlund, Coyle and Brodin, and in terms of wins they’re trending in the right direction.

        How that translates into convincing a Swedish freshman to leave school early I’ll never know, but to say that it makes them a “desperate organization” is a little silly.

        1. Den

          Watch it fairly regularly, live in St Paul, conversation around this team is low. They are overachieving right now and will get bounced in the first round of the playoffs should they make it. You hockey only fans need to get out more.

          1. Sioux Fan3.0

            I also live in St. Paul and am a little confused as to what you mean by the conversation is low in the Twin Cities. If you tune in to KFAN radio down here they are talked about constantly and Russo does a tremendous job with coverage on the Wild down here as well. Not to mention the Tribune and the Pioneer… Tickets are in high demand, just look at after-market prices via stubhub or ticketexchange. I’m also not sure they are as desperate as you make them sound with getting players to the minors. They have a lot of high end young talent and really don’t have any room to be moving them up or down (at least I don’t think that will help the Fontaine, Zuckers of the Wild’s develop). My best guess is that they saw something with CC they did not like and wanted him out asap.

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