The last NCAA meeting

The last time that UND and Wisconsin met in the NCAA tournament, it was the Midwest Regional final in the Kohl Center in 2008. Wisconsin beat Denver in the first round to advance to the final, while UND knocked off Princeton.

In the regional final, the Badgers outplayed UND, but goaltender Jean-Philippe Lamoureux was outstanding and helped UND steal it.

Wisconsin led 2-0 after two, but UND scored two quick goals in the third period, then Andrew Kozek won it in overtime. Here’s a trip down Memory Lane via YouTube.

19 thoughts on “The last NCAA meeting

  1. I remember going everywhere around town trying to find a place to get into to watch the game since we didnt get ESPNU. Ended up at the now non existant Gillys….sitting on a folding chair in the middle of their dance floor……ah the memories……

  2. I can remember lying in bed due to a certain surgery the day before which prevents pregnancy ; )

    Ah yes, watching SIOUX hockey with a bag of peas on the nether regions. Ah the memories.

    Unfortunately I also made the journey to Denver two weeks later. Awesome pregame party at Brooklyn’s led to the ultimate game time letdown.

    Time to make some new memories starting Friday and ending in Philly with #8!

    Go SIOUX!

  3. Watched at Hooligans in west fargo with Blais sutting at the table next to us and he dropped “two goal lead” comment during the second intermission.

  4. Wasn’t there another come from behind regional win over The Bah-jeers with a Chris Porter goal? I recall sitting in a sports bar in West Lafayette, IN, getting them to change the channels and watching. Almost choked on my fried pickles.

  5. Just started packing for this weekend , got the truck ready to go, heading West to Cincinnati, The suit case has a lot of green in and of course my wife’s Purple Holy Cross T shirt. It has been a long time since we left Grand Forks looking forward to seeing the Sioux

  6. Was at that game seated next to the Wisconsin band (all that separated us was the aisle). I never had so much fun in my life at a UND game once the rally started and was completed! We were doing there lame dance and cheer routines in the aisle right in front of them!!

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