Getting Familiar With Ferris

CINCINNATI — UND hasn’t played Ferris State in over a decade. It was 2003 when the Bulldogs knocked UND out of the NCAA tournament in the first round with a 5-2 victory. Today, they meet again with a trip to the Frozen Four in Philadelphia on the line.

For those of you who may not know much about this Ferris State team, here are 10 random facts.

1. A week ago, Ferris State was in position to get a No. 1 seed, but its loss in the WCHA title game, coupled with Wisconsin’s win over Ohio State in the Big Ten title game, flipped those two. So, the Bulldogs are the No. 5 overall team or the top No. 2 seed.

2. Ferris State won the MacNaughton Cup this year as WCHA champs in the first year of the new-look WCHA.

3. Ferris State has made three trips to the NCAA tournament and has had quite a bit of success in them. In 2003, they beat UND in the first round. Two years ago, the Bulldogs played for the national championship.

3. Bulldog goaltender C.J. Motte is a Hobey Baker Award finalist. He’s 28-8-3 with a .928 and a 2.20.

4. The Bulldogs are extremely balanced. They have nine players with 20+ points and their leading goal scorers are: 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 9. Their fourth-leading goal-scorer is on the fourth line.

5. Like Wisconsin, this is another fairly veteran team. Four of Ferris State’s top six goal-scorers are seniors.

6. Ferris State won’t have a defenseman that’s 6-feet tall in the lineup today. The Bulldogs have a small, mobile, puck-moving group back there.

7. If the Bulldogs win today, they will reach the 30-win mark for the second time in program history. That 2003 team won 31 games. Ferris State and Union enter Saturday leading the nation in wins this season.

8. Ferris State is a team that played extremely well at home this season, going 16-1-1 in Big Rapids, Mich.

9. The Bulldogs are an older team. Nobody on their roster is under the age of 20.

10. The Bulldogs will have the larger fan base at the regional championship game. Big Rapids is a six-hour drive from Cincinnati and they had a nice, loud contingent at the game Friday.

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  1. Shaun

    I’m glad you said all of this. People seem to think Ferris is a cupcake. I dont think they are. They’ve been consistent all year. It will be some work. Brad – what is your prediction?

    1. Viking1

      Here’s a couple more Ferris Bueller fun facts:

      1)The only final 14 team out of division they played all year was Colgate (2-2 record, including yesterday).

      2)Bueller was beaten handily by final 14 participant Mankato in all three meetings this year, combined score of 14-6.

      Synopsis: While they wont be an easy opponent by any means, they ARE the most overrated team still remaining in the field (and therefore the best possible draw for the Sioux).

      Go Sioux!! You have their cajones in your hand, now its time to sqeeeeeeezzzeeee…… 🙂

    1. Joe

      Guess the numbers were a bit inflated then, because I saw few if any bulldogs at the Sioux game and masses of Sioux/Badgers came only for our game.

      1. Well, what I’m saying is that yesterday essentially counted as one game. If you showed up for UND-UW only, your attendance counted for FSU-Colgate. If you showed up only for FSU-Colgate, then left, your attendance counted for UND-UW. It was a single-session, so they announced identical attendances for both games. Most of the Ferris fans left after the first game.

        1. Joe

          Agreed! When they announced the attendance I was a bit shocked, it looked more like 3000 fans. I was a bit sad they tarped the upper bowl. The Sioux blue line in the lower upper bowl is always my favorite seat.

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