WMU’s Oesterle Signs

Western Michigan junior defenseman Jordan Oesterle is the fourth NCHC player to turn pro early this offseason from the fourth different team.

Oesterle, a streaky defenseman, had two goals and 17 points this season for the Broncos, who finished fifth in the NCHC and reached the inaugural Frozen Faceoff.

Oesterle was an undrafted player. The Broncos will now lose two regulars on defense in Oesterle and senior Dennis Brown.

NCHC early signings

Colorado College (1)
Gustav Olofsson, fr, d, Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Duluth (1)
Caleb Herbert, jr, f, Washington Capitals

Nebraska Omaha (1)
Josh Archibald, jr, f, Pittsburgh Penguins

Western Michigan (1)
Jordan Oesterle, jr, d, Edmonton Oilers

10 Responses

  1. Sparky

    Brad, do you see any of our players leaving early after the FF is over? I briefly perused through the underclassman roster and did not see anyone who would likely leave…..or should leave anyway. What do you think, anyone we have to worry about? TIA….

    1. Joe

      My thoughts are that only Rocco and Schmaltz have the ability at this point. Rocco has the Duncan problem of being on the smaller side, so I assumed he still be here. UND D don’t seem to leave early, so I was hoping Schmaltz would spend another year.

      1. UNDAlum_GoSioux

        I agree with Joe. The only two I see potentially leaving early are Grimaldi and Schmaltz. We’ll just have to wait and see. But first…the Frozen Four! 🙂

      2. Sioux Fan3.0

        Grimaldi being a relatively low draft pick (33rd overall) may get a push from the Panthers as they have been known in the past to try and “rush” a player to leave early. Schmaltz’s bro is coming in so I would think he would stick around and have some fun with that so with the exception of those two, and the fact that non are NHL ready, I see them staying. Undrafted free agents are eligible to play out the rest of the year in the NHL but are not allowed to participate in playoffs. That’s another reason ya gotta love having our team playing an extra two weeks.. Even if the Sioux did have guys that could make the jump for a trial period right now in the big show, it wouldn’t be possible! NHL can wait, shoot for 8

  2. brent

    i dont think Rocco can leave yet-
    I also dont think Schmaltz should leave- – he has left a lot to be desired on the ice many many times this season

  3. Sioux Guy

    I agree with Brent. Schmaltz is a first rounder that hasn’t played to his projected ability. Too many mistakes at the offensive blue line has him letting up odd-man rushes.

  4. Wes in Denver

    No idea where to post this, but I was watching some old videos from NDGoon. Was watching the Robbie Bina goal on the Gophers and realized they had in goal cameras back then. Any idea if the Ralph will be getting in goal cameras?

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