Departure Day Arrives

UND will head to Philadelphia today on a charter plane, bound for its sixth Frozen Four in the last 10 years.

The team will get settled in its hotel and practice at the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday. That practice is free and open to the public. UND goes from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Minnesota goes from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. Eastern Time.

After practices, there are press conferences.

I got a look at UND’s jerseys with the Frozen Four patches on them today. Because of the big NCHC patch on the chest area, the Frozen Four patches will be on the left arm sleeve. There’s also a sticker on the back of the helmets.

UND will only be packing the green and black jerseys for this trip. Because it is the lowest-seeded team left in the tournament, it has no chance to wear the home whites, no matter how it plays out.

The Forum Communications team featuring journalists from the Forum, Herald and WDAZ will leave early Wednesday morning.

The Herald is putting out a 16-page Frozen Four section in Thursday’s paper. The stories aren’t going to be online, so you’ll have to get a copy to read them. I’ll post some details on the blog later this afternoon on how to order a copy if you are from out of town and want one.

One other programming note: There will be NO live chat on Wednesday afternoon. We will be busy covering practices out there. I’ll try to have some blog updates. We’ll also have plenty of video coverage from Philly.

19 Responses

  1. christian13

    I look forward to that 16 page spread as your team always foes great work.

    Upon return, I’m interested to read your 16 point critique of Philly Cheesesteaks. Pat’s vs Gino’s – who wins the faceoff?

    Fight On, Sioux!

  2. Viking1

    This team NEEDS to wear the blacks (and their hardhats). Sioux do the impossible, take down the choking Goophs 4-2. Heard it here first folks……. 🙂

  3. yababy8

    think They should wear our Sioux green. I used to be all about the black but lately I’ve been liking the green. I think its all about what the green represents.

    1. Viking1

      OK, how about starting the game in Black, then changing to green after the 2nd period….

      Seriously, it aint the jersey color that’s gotten them into the frozen 4…….. 🙂

  4. Sioux-per-man

    Green or Black is doesn’t matter what Jersey you wear while beating the Goof’s back down into their hole. #RollTribe

  5. shayla

    And let’s go attack them with our sticks boys… we want to see no. 8 get hung up at the Ralph. Let’s go SIOUX

  6. Huh

    The NCAA has a practice that the losing teams on Thursday reboard their charter and fly home that day/night! It has to be one of the emptiest feelings a team can have! So, if that practice continues, there will be a charter flight heading west out of Philly on Thursday night, I sincerely hope that it’s destination is MSP! Our team would be wise to attempt to understand how empty that feeling – coupled with the expectation of going to class on Friday would be! I think it’s a bit more than reality hitting you in the face. They should play like if they lose they are being sent home, oh wait they would be!

    1. Gene DuBois

      It’s destination will be MSP anyway. Remember, when you die in Grand Forks you go to heaven through MSP.

  7. Jeff

    The last two trips now, Pat Sweeney has not gotten the call to follow the team….. He must have gotten on Hak’s bad side…….

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