Legend Serge Gambucci Dies

Serge Gambucci, a legend in the North Dakota hockey and tennis world, died in Grand Forks on Tuesday night. He was 91 years old.

Gambucci coached Grand Forks Central to 10 consecutive state hockey championships and has been one of the state’s most influential hockey figures.

He is a member of the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame and an arena in Grand Forks bears his name. The trophy that goes to the best hockey team in town also bears his name.

Gambucci also coached the Knights to multiple state tennis championships as well.

Here’s a story on the Herald site.

Gambucci played a significant role in developing hockey in North Dakota, which will see three of its alums play in the Frozen Four this weekend.

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  1. forever sioux

    Fantastic guy. Never saw him with a frown on his face. Always enjoyed him doing color with Tim on hockey broadcasts. Larger than life man I was honored to have know.

  2. forever sioux

    Fantastic guy. Never saw him with a frown on his face. Always enjoyed him doing color with Tim on hockey broadcasts. Larger than life man I was honored to have know.

  3. Jack McCann

    Serg ran our city softball programs in the late 50s & early 60s what a CLASS GUY always a friend —Jack now from Sartell Minn

  4. Mike

    Traveled down from Grafton to attend his hockey camps as a kid. Even as naive youngsters, you knew you were in the presence of greatness. While most of the instruction was done by other coaches at that point, Serge was always there. He was always there to offer words of advice as we’d come off the ice. He was always there in the locker room. He was always at the rink. And I’ll always remember “award day” when Serge was there to hand out the medals. Hockey in this part of the country wouldn’t be what it is today without him.

  5. thecircus

    Phy-Ed floor hockey! Didn’t matter what grade you were in or what time of the year it was. If Serge was your phy-ed substitute teacher, you were playing floor hockey.

    1. Go Sioux

      I remember that too. The best was using the old wooden shaft hockey sticks with the hard plastic blade that slid on….none of this plastic stick/Cosom BS!

      Him and Moose Swenson would take a plastic floor hockey puck and fill it with laundry soap to give it some weight and then tape it up. You could really fire that baby! Great man.

  6. D-Train

    Now, I’m from Grafton, but I have to give a lot of respect to Serge. Would high school hockey be at the level is currently is in ND without him? The state tourney is sure going to miss having him there next year, because when wasn’t he accepting a cap during intermission during the championship game? And he always got huge cheers from the crowd…Always!

  7. scott

    I got to know Serge as a substitute teacher in his mid 70’s. Always put a smile on our faces when our teacher was out and old Serge was behind the desk. So glad he continued in education late in his life so that kids of my era got to know a GF legend. He will be missed.

  8. dono

    Serge was a blessed man, great hockey mind and wonderful teacher. Knowing him from the neighborhood, my best story of him is that he hit my brother with his car!

  9. Nodak Sioux Fan

    A great Serge quote I’ve used with my hockey team is:
    “Hockey is a simple game made complicated because it’s played by a bunch of idiots!”

  10. Sioux in Fargo

    I had Serge as a gym teacher at GF Central in the 70’s. We played floor hockey with just the wooden shaft of a hockey stick and a circular ring that was taped. A great time and Serge enjoyed being with the students. A true hockey/gentleman legend and proud to have been from Rivberside Park.

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