Schmaltz, Gothberg Returning

Decision season is underway. So far, so good for UND.

Jordan Schmaltz and Zane Gothberg are among the players who have decided that they are returning to UND for their junior seasons, which means the strength of next year’s team will be from the blue line back.

Schmaltz will get the unique opportunity to play with his brother, Nick, who will be a freshman on next year’s team.

Schmaltz’s father, Mike, also had that opportunity at UND. He played football alongside his brother, Marc.

Gothberg had a terrific end to his sophomore season, going 18-5-1 with a .933 save percentage and a 1.72 goals-against average.

Michael Parks also confirmed that he will be back for his senior season. It appears that Rocco Grimaldi is the last remaining player to make a decision.

7 Responses

  1. It seems like a lot of todays game is trying to trap the breakout along the boards. Schmaltz became a much better player and a bigger threat this year by carrying the puck past that trap and down the middle. Really looking forward to next year….watching great players (like Schmaltz) and great hockey.

  2. SM

    Mr. Rocco Grimaldi is a very skilled player and a fun player to watch, but the one thing he can not improve upon is his stature, 5′ 6″. Unfortunately, his height could prevent him from ever playing in the NHL beyond beyond a handful of games. Yes, there are some small players that do get an opportunity and play regularly in the NHL, but there are very few. I sincerely hope Mr. Grimaldi is one of them one day. That said, Mr. Grimaldi should not only return for his Junior season, but return for his Senior season as well.

    1. Lou

      Rocco would be able to improve his finesse to detail above his already skilled abilities, as with his education, should he stay another year or two. He’ll have a wonderful career in front of him.

  3. Elk river Sioux

    Rocco will be back, he has underachieved in the goal category so far. Hopefully next year he gets a little more puck luck, lots of posts.

  4. Viking1

    Smart choices for these guys. Tukka Rask isn’t going anywhere for awhile (and the Bruins have a LOT of prospects stacked up), so Gothberg can develop more with the Sioux and get his degree. Schmaltz might have been most tempted, but he will probably be ready after next year. Looks like it will be another banner year in the making (maybe the best in a while)….

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