REA Getting A Facelift

Ralph Engelstad Arena is 13 years old now, but those in charge are determined to keep it at its elite level and not let it fall behind newer rinks around the country.

That’s one point that both REA general manager Jody Hodgson and UND coach Dave Hakstol said in talking about this offseason’s upgrades. Read that story for some details.

When the project is done — and it’s not expected to be done until just before the season starts — the Herald will have photos and video of the new upgrades.

One of the big changes will be the setup of the men’s hockey area. Right now, there’s a hallway that cuts down the middle of it. On one side, you have the players’ locker room and training room. On the other side, you have the classroom, lounge and coaches’ dressing room.

The remodel is going to put all of that, along with a dining room, in one area with the hallway going around it. This should increase privacy and security, Hodgson said. The locker room is changing shape to more of an oval and it will decrease in size.

I’m told that there will be a “wow factor” but it won’t be completely over the top.

Hodgson also said that they have noted the connectivity issues fans have had while in The Ralph, and they are trying to address that as well.

In the meantime, the hockey team is stationed in the women’s visiting room. That’s not a huge change, as they move out of their locker room for the summer each season. This time, when they move back, it will look completely different.

12 Responses

  1. northdasotan

    What are the connectivity issues? I have only been in the Ralph a few times. I am curious about the connectivity issues.

  2. Skippy

    Since these are primarily areas that nobody sees, I might refer to it as a tummy tuck rather than a facelift.

    As for connectivity, it’s about damn time!

    1. Siouxguy

      Yeah, drives me crazy when I am looking to start my car remotely. Creates an error message and screws it up for a day or two after.

  3. Josh N.

    These changes are meant to improve security — has their been an incident or concerns about security in the past?

    Also, do you have any numbers involving cost? The REA is paying for it, I assume?

    1. Skippy

      Nothing at REA has been reported, to my knowledge. Maybe Dean Blais scared them with the story about the player’s watch that was stolen from the locker room at CenturyLink, causing said player and his coach to be suspended when said coach bought said player a replacement for said watch.

  4. yababy8

    Will there be an effort to maintain the integrity of the Sioux name and logo? The carpet and lockers had several Sioux logos that I’m sure the players wish to not lose. Remember there is no mandate which denies our right to have those. The legal settlement had been met.

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