Oshie And Toews

The former UND linemates were each in the spotlight last night during Game 5 of the Blues-Blackhawks series.

T.J. Oshie started things with a highlight-reel goal. Jonathan Toews ended it with an overtime winner.

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  1. Mike

    Speaking of NHL hockey, anyone know how I can watch the Red Wings/Bruins game since KVLY decided that I want to watch NDSU football practice? I’d love to see the Herald write an article on KVLY and why they keep choosing to preempt NHL hockey with NDSU sports. Last month it was a meaningless NDSU basketball game instead of the outdoor game at Soldier Field, now they’re preempting playoff hockey with spring football, which is basically like televising practice.

    1. Sioux Fan3.0

      Check with your subscriber but you should be able to watch every game of the playoffs online via NBCSports. You just need an email address from your cable subscriber and a password (you can easily set up both in a matter of minutes). Good luck Go Wild

  2. Dan Dalan

    Reminiscent of their play at UND with the DOT line, minus Duncan, and in opposition. Still good to watch and gives ND pride, where ever we are in the nation/world.

  3. Viking1

    To think that Oshie started his high school career as 4th liner (barely making Roseau’s team, I’m told) is simply mid-boggling. He and Toews have hearts as big as their entire bodies…..

      1. Viking1

        You are correct, Sir!! I always get those two amazing little burgs mixed up (MAYBE because of the sheer volume of great players they’ve both produced). Played with/against several players from both, and they ALL had the huge heart quality omnipresent (very similar to Grafton players in NoDak)…. 🙂

  4. Joe

    I just love watching Oshie. Toews just shows up when he scores and somehow always stops plays on D, but Oshie is visible whenever he’s on the ice. I have no idea how Oshie doesn’t get more points. (don’t get me wrong, I love Toews also)

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