Two Recruits Go In First Round

A pair of UND recruits were selected in the first round of the USHL Phase I Draft (1998-born players) on Monday night.

Offensive defenseman Matt Kiersted went No. 6 overall to the Chicago Steel in the first round. Kiersted currently plays for Elk River.

Forward Mitchell Mattson went three picks later at No. 9 overall to the Bloomington Thunder in the first round. Mattson currently plays for Grand Rapids.

There were two other UND-connected picks of note.

Devils Lake’s Cole Thompson, the brother of current UND defenseman Keaton Thompson, was picked in the fifth round by Cary Eades and the Sioux Falls Stampede.

One round earlier, the Sioux City Musketeers selected Barrett Dachyshyn, the son of former UND tough guy Dean Dachyshyn. Barrett currently plays in Halifax.

The USHL will pick all other birth years Tuesday.

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  1. Joe

    I’ve never understood the purpose of the USHL draft, can you break it down to us less hockey savvy fans? So they get drafted, can’t they just do college hockey instead? Do they register for the draft, or does the USHL just draft them and hope they arrive?

  2. Sparky

    Joe, if these kids could make it at the college level they would bypass the USHL and go straight to their college team. This is not entirely true, some of the talented younger players (still in HS) will move “up” to play in the USHL. These highly skilled HS kids are essentially using the USHL as a developmental league and will likely end up on a college campus by the time they are 17 or 18 (of course, I am not talking about the Canadian Jr leagues, this is an entirely different story).

    The most highly rated kids in the US (mostly anyway) end up on the USTDP and vie for a spot on the NTD team. The USHL was started years ago to provide an alternative route for kids to continue developing their hockey skills (kids who did not receive a scholly out of HS). After a year or two in the league, many players will earn a scholly at various schools across the country. Actually, I said many players, it might be more accurate to say “some” players…..every team that has a Phil Housley also has a Larry Housley….if you know what I mean?

    Of course, there is much more to the USHL than the few things I have mentioned here. Just my cursory review of the league as I understand it. If I am too far off I am sure Brad can clear things up…:)

    1. erik

      Sparky, I would say 220 players in 2012-2013 season works out to many players. ● NCAA Division 1 Commitments & Scholarships – In 2010-11, the 16 Team USHL recorded 195 NCAA Division 1 college commitments and scholarships. This included 23 players from the US National Development Team. – That being a total of 12.2 NCAA D1 commitments per USHL team per year. – The NCAA D1 commitments in 2012-13 will end up surpassing 220 players. – See more at:

    2. Yeah, the USHL is a place to play before coming to college for players ages 16-21. Johnson, LaDue, Mattson, Parks, St. Clair, Panzarella, Schmaltz, Chyzyk and Gothberg all were in the USHL before they got to UND. The USHL drafts them and hopes they come. It can be a bit of a gamble, but usually, they do their homework and talk to the players, parents, coaches, etc., and find out the likelihood that they will come to their team. They also sometimes weigh how many years they could get out of a kid. But essentially, it is a place to develop until they are ready for college.

      Next year’s recruits — Nick Schmaltz, Tucker Poolman, John Simonson, Trevor Olson and Cam Johnson — all played in the USHL this season.

  3. Drew

    Keeping neutral site regional article on CHN is all about you Brad… I think we need a rebuttal .. As far as union having a small rink they should host at a close rink that can accommodate “X” number of fans

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