Toews Vs. Parise Ice Time

The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Minnesota Wild 2-1 on Sunday night in Game 5 of their Stanley Cup playoff series as home teams improved to a perfect 5-0 in the series.

It is clear that last line change is a big factor as the Blackhawks are doing their best to get Jonathan Toews on the ice whenever fellow former UND star Zach Parise is out there. Check out the stats.

Parise’s percentage of ice time shadowed by Toews

GAME 1: 53.9 percent
GAME 2: 61.6 percent
GAME 3: 35.8 percent (in Minnesota)
GAME 4: 35.6 percent (in Minnesota)
GAME 5: 57.9 percent

You will notice the significant difference in home games and road games. In Game 1, Chicago did its worst job putting Toews on Parise and that also was Chicago’s worst game at home in the series (got outshot 32-22).

Parise’s shifts

GAME 1: 26 shifts (21 with Toews, 6 without)
GAME 2: 25 shifts (20 with Toews, 5 without)
GAME 3: 23 shifts (15 with Toews, 8 without)
GAME 4: 27 shifts (16 with Toews, 11 without)
GAME 5: 26 shifts (20 with Toews, 5 without)

Parise’s total ice time

GAME 1: 8:13 without Toews, 9:36 with Toews
GAME 2: 7:25 without Toews, 11:53 with Toews
GAME 3: 12:54 without Toews, 7:11 with Toews
GAME 4: 12:41 without Toews, 7:00 with Toews
GAME 5: 8:12 without Toews, 11:16 with Toews

Toews is the reigning Selke Trophy winner as the best defensive forward in the NHL, so it’s probably no huge surprise that Chicago’s coaching staff is trying to make sure he’s on the ice as much as possible for Parise’s shifts.

But it is interesting to look at how much more difficult it has been for the Blackhawks to do that in Minnesota.

Parise’s overall stats

At home: 1-2–3 in 2 games, +1.
On road: 0-1–1 in 3 games, -4.

Game 6 on Tuesday will be at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, so the Wild should be able to get better matchups. If they are able to send it to No. 7, it will be advantage Chicago on the matchups, though.

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  1. Viking1

    That hit in the offensive zone by Toews to set up the GW goal is EXACTLY the type of play that brings home championships. What a beast; he’s like a slightly-slicker Mark Messier…..

    1. Sparky

      A slicker Mark Messier? Hmm, not so sure, Toews weighs about as much as one of Messier’s legs…..but I get your point. You are totally right about Toews’ gutsy plays making the difference between a good team, and a Cup-winning team. It’s the little things, like winning puck battles in the corner, playing physically, blocking shots, being tough on the puck, etc…..these are the things that win hockey games and championships. Rarely do you see one team win strictly based on talent alone. Matter of fact, I think the Hawks have less talent now than they have had the past two years. The Wild are much improved this year and Chicago is not as deep as they have been in years past. Bottom line….the team that plays with the most intensity and wins the small battles will be the team that wins this thing. I think the Wild are still 1-2 players short of having a championship-level team, but who knows? Love the fact that two of the best players on the ice, arguably, both wore a jersey with “Sioux” written on the front!

  2. yababy8

    Great breakdown!
    A correction for u though:
    Under the heading “Parise’s total ice time” in game five line the second without s/b with.

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