General Named Captain

The General can now also be called the captain.

In one of the easiest choices of the last decade, Stephane Pattyn was named captain of next season’s UND team. The alternate captains will be Michael Parks, Mark MacMillan and Connor Gaarder.

Going all the way back to his freshman season, it was easy to tell that Pattyn was destined to wear the ‘C’ some day. He’s a natural leader both on and off the ice.

Since Parks wore an ‘A’ last season, it’s no surprise that he will once again be among the leadership group. MacMillan’s pick isn’t a surprise either; I thought he was going to have an ‘A’ last season. One of the best students on the team.

Gaarder emerged as a leader last season and was one of the players who dictated how UND needed to play in order to win. The coaching staff surely hopes that players will follow his lead again next season.

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  1. Sioux Fan 3.0

    I am all for them picking the C’s and A’s early but do they usually pick this far in advance?

  2. Sioux4Ever

    Definintely great choices, especially for Connor. Hard working and a lot of heart. Hopefully these 4 can lead us to greatness next season.

  3. WWPKD

    There was a decorated general with a heart of gold, that likened him to all the stories he told of past battles, won and lost, and legends of old, a seasoned veteran in his own time. On the battlefield, he gained respectful fame with many medals of bravery and stripes to his name, he grew a beard as soon as he could to cover the scars on his face and always urged his men on.

  4. yababy8

    Such a great group of leaders!!
    All forwards. When I think about the defensemen I get so excited. They all did so awesome as freshmen. Stecher was so poised and mature, Thompson let everyone know who he was once he got the opportunity. I’m thinking he is our next Chorney. How far will Schmaltz rise. Could be down right freaky!! He’s gonna have to make sure to not be outdone by his little bro ya know.
    All that talent being led by all those leaders. I bet we don’t even have the traditional slow start. I’m buying my tickets to Boston now.

  5. Hooter

    I wonder if having captains picked this early facilitates the ability to have “captains practices” during the summer. Not sure how many of he boys are around for the summer but seems it would give some structure to their summer sessions.

  6. Sioux1

    Seems like a step backwards moving from General to Captain….. all kidding aside congratulations on what is a well deserved selection

  7. Curt

    Congrats to Connor Gaarder the Edina Hornet alum on being named Alternate Captian! Very deserving for his leadership by example with his hard work! It has been a nice run as of late for Edina players on the Fighting Sioux! It is a great group of leaders for next year lead by the General, aka “”The Captian”. Can’t wait for October!

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