Caggiula ‘really Good’ In Buffalo

UND forward Drake Caggiula went undrafted once again in June, but he’s clearly on the radar of at least one NHL team now.

The Buffalo Sabres invited Caggiula to their development camp as a free agent and Rochester Americans coach Chadd Cassidy, who has been running the camp, had glowing things to say about the junior-to-be.

Caggiula scored two goals Tuesday night during his team’s 5-1 victory in a scrimmage.

On a story posted on, Cassidy talked about Caggiula’s performance.

“He’s been really good. Real good skill level, nice release and certainly knows what to do with the puck around the net,” Cassidy told “This is the first viewing that I’ve ever gotten of him, but I’ve been really impressed with him.

“I think he makes plays at speed and he’s one of the few smaller players that we brought in, but he plays at a really good pace and he’s made players around him better all week. He’s made a good impression on us.”

Caggiula has showed high-end skills since stepping foot on campus two years ago and added more consistency last season. He’s a candidate to be a breakout player this season.

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    1. Mike

      I honestly believe that Drake is a better all around player than Grimaldi. Once he reaches his full potential, he will be like a small Frattin.

  1. Sparky

    Brad, it’s early, but can you list a few forwards you expect to be our most productive players (point-wise) this coming year? Also, I think we might have at least two defensemen (minimum) that will be very productive offensively, do you agree with this and could we have more than two D who are effective in the offensive end? TIA……

    1. Siouxguy

      We had more than 2 productive defensemen last year and most we’re very young. Think the whole unit was one of, if not the most productive in the NCAA. I would think that would continue with more experience.

      1. Mike

        Everyone of our D-men can reach the score board. The more productive D-men offensively are Ladue, Schmaltz, Mattson, and Stetcher. They all had multiple goals and over 10 points each. We lost one of our big OD’s in Dillon Simpson, but watch Ladue or Stetcher move into his role. I certainly believe that UND will have the highest scoring defensive corps in the nation for the next 2-3 years.

    2. I would expect Caggiula, Mark MacMillan and Michael Parks to be the top three scorers up front. And definitely, UND should have many guys who can produce offense from the back end — Jordan Schmaltz, LaDue, Mattson, Thompson and Poolman all are very capable. Stecher will probably add a touch more this season, too.

  2. Lou

    All of the boys who went to development camps should improve their skills and points for the upcoming season, especially, through the enduring training at the NHL level. This will make for better hockey in the Fall, not only for the players but also the fans!
    GO UND GO.
    I’m starting to feel giddy already.

    1. Sioux4Ever

      Do they honestly need a name at all? Nothing will ever live up to Fighting Sioux. When you are talking about hockey and say North Dakota, everyone knows who you are speaking about anyway.

      1. Pachl

        I like the idea of not having a nickname. We really would be North Dakota, we have a decent enough logo now, and nationwide we wouldn’t be The University of North Dakota, we would just be North Dakota. Kind of a nice big middle finger at the school to the south, in my opinion.

        1. Siouxfan512

          I could care less about the school to the South, to be fair they have earned their own recognition in football and basketball recently.

          I am all for not renaming the teams. Keep it as is. I vote No Name!

        2. I think no name is awesome as well. If a number of people want this, we need to get out in front of it and start a campaign to have no name, or we will be stuck with some God awful name.

  3. ole the goalie

    I’ve always said we don;t need — or want — another nickname. UND always will be the Fighting Sioux, officially or not. So a big no to another name.

  4. Sioux1

    The lawsuit involving the Redskins trademark invalidation could end up having an effect on the Sioux nickname. If the Redskins trademark is held to be invalid than the Sioux trademark is also invalid causing UND’s to lose control of it per the NCAA agreement to maintain the trademark even though its retired. If that happens, anyone could begin printing clothing with Sioux logos (they couldn’t say the Univ of North Dakota Sioux) and nothing could be done. In that case, keep no name and we could continue to buy Sioux clothing and nobody could ever do anything about it.

  5. Lou

    Your right! This blog is about Caggiula “really good” in Buffalo. Looking forward to seeing him and the rest of the team this season. I’ve got good vibes about this season. Well balanced and skilled. We just have to get off with a better start and improve on that! Hopefully with a big finish!!!

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