Could REA Land 2016 U18s?

Bids to host the 2016 IIHF World Under-18 tournament are due July 31. They will be submitted to USA Hockey, which was awarded the event.

Could Ralph Engelstad Arena be the host?

Here’s my story in today’s paper. The Ralph is going to submit a bid for it.

The positives for USA Hockey: REA knows how to host events like this. It can generate revenue. It can provide an unbelievable facility for the players and fans.

The negative: This event has only been placed in the U.S. once and it was held in Fargo. Sometimes, they like to spread things out. That will be the big question for USA Hockey when evaluating the bid.

The U18s usually occur right after the Frozen Four and would be a great highlight event for hockey fans in the area. A lot of the players in the event will go on to the NHL.

The U.S. also gets to host the 2018 World Juniors. REA will likely submit a bid for that, too, when the time comes.

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  1. farce poobah

    Shrewd move by REA. If you want to hold the flagship event the U-20 “World Juniors”, you get better consideration if you also hold events that make less money like the U-18’s. Good luck to REA and Grand Forks.

  2. Scott

    I was at the U18 tourney in Fargo. That place was rocking and sold out. I’m sure the Ralph will be the same if they win the bid.

  3. Sioux4Ever

    Speaking of tournaments, is there an on sale date at all for the regional in Fargo for this upcoming season yet?

  4. Sioux-per-man

    Brad what venues in the world had more revenue than the Ralph in ’05? Wasn’t the Ralph a huge success for the tournament?

    Crazy when you watch this even in other countries, they don’t have enough fans to fill the seats when the camera pans back and forth, unless the home team is playing.

    I was also at the U18 tournament in Fargo, it was a great time. Just imagine if the crowd was twice as big? The Ralph would be a perfect place for this tournament!

  5. Cogito

    It’s tough to compete with the Canadian venues for the World Jr. tournament. They pack the house for pretty much every game when it’s held in Canada (even Germany vs. Switzerland!). To hold it outside of Canada, a US border city like Grand Forks, Buffalo, or Detroit is an excellent option though. What frustrated me for the 2005 games at REA was the rink was packed for the Canada games & for most USA games, but the fans were pretty sparse for other games. The fans who drove down from Canada showed up for a lot of games no matter who was playing (as long as there was beer available!), but the locals largely just stuck to showing up when USA played. I’m a hockey fan, not just a USA fan or a Canada fan or a Sioux fan. I’ll go to every game I can, regardless of what countries are playing. The best players in the world are at this tournament. I hope REA can bring it back to Grand Forks again.

    1. Sioux Fan 3.0

      Well said Cognito! I like you try and take in as many games as possible, even went to the National Powerhockey tourney (electric wheelchair) on thursday at Roy Wilkins just to support the effort them guys/gals are putting forth! REA and the surrounding communities as aleady mentioned have nothing but the BEST to offer… Please-Please bring it
      If you build it, they will come~

  6. Jack McCann

    Brad Bob May taught and coached at G F Central for 2 years 52-53 and 53-54 seasons I was lucky to have played for him and get to know him I think one word describes Bob ( a Gentleman ) Jack McCann

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