NHL Staff Make Comments On Prospects

We’re halfway through the NHL’s 30 teams in 30 days previews. One portion of their previews is listing top prospects in the teams’ systems and getting a comment on each from a member of the organization.

So far, Danny Kristo, Nick Schmaltz and Jordan Schmaltz have been previewed.

On Kristo, New York Rangers director of player personnel Gordie Clark says:

“We liked him in college. It wasn’t working out for him in Montreal and he turned out to be our No. 1 right wing in Hartford in his first full season. He’s got speed, skill and a knack of the puck somehow following him around. We’re hoping to improve our pool of prospects at the center position where we weren’t very deep as an organization in Hartford. We hope Danny can help us in that area.”

On Nick Schmaltz, Chicago Blackhawks director of amateur scouting Mark Kelley says:

“What stood out about Nick was his skill set, his quick hands and his ability to make passes and score. We see him as a center even though I know he played some wing and might continue to do so at North Dakota. His skill set stood out at development camp. Playing for North Dakota will be great for Nick; it worked out pretty well for Jonathan Toews.”

On Jordan Schmaltz, St. Louis Blues director of player personnel Tim Taylor says:

“Last year he took a step forward and his personality changed a little bit on the ice. He was more aggressive, he controlled the game a little more. With his defensive partner (Dillon) Simpson turning pro, now Jordan is going to be the man. It’s going to be a good year for him. He’s pretty excited about it. His brother is coming in to play with him. We had him at development camp and he was outstanding. I thought he really controlled the play. We had 3-on-3 games, and every time he was on the ice he created something.”

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  1. Sparky

    I really like our defensemen coming back this year. I don’t know if UND has ever had as many offensive-defensemen on any one roster? I look for Keaton Thompson to take a big jump this year, Schmaltz will likely be one of the best defensemen in the country, then throw in Mattson, Ladue, and Stecher…..that is pretty solid. Just need more goal scorers up front, not sure if we will see this or not? Brad…are the forwards scoring more this season?

    1. erik thorne

      Great thing with this d corps even if they do not score a lot of goals they won’t be giving up many.

      1. Sioux Fan 3.0

        Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships.
        I think we have a lot to look forward to this year boys. Like previously mentioned, the D is going to be tough to get through and I’m confident steady Eddie in goal is going to pick it up another notch this year. As for the offense, well I’m not actually all that concerned. If there is anything I have learned from watching the Sioux over the years it is this, they always find a way to get’r done.. Drop the puck already!!!!

        1. SiouxFan in LA

          Interesting looking (unscientifically) at offense and defense rankings (goals per game) for the NCAA championship games over last 10 years (except WI offense in 2006-07 which wasn’t in list on USCHO). Champions’ offensive rankings range from 2 in nation to 24 while defensive rankings range from 2 to 32. Of the defensive rankings of the champions, 3 were ranked in the top 4, and the other 7 were between 11 and 32. Of the runners up, 7 were ranked between 1 and 6 defensively with other 3 ranked 10, 12 and 15.

    2. I think the forwards will progress. I thought that Parks and MacMillan were a lot better in the second half when they were healthy. But I agree that the overall skill up front isn’t overwhelming. That being said, I expect the back end to help generate a lot of offense (they were good at transitioning the puck out of their own end and scoring from the back end). Also, expect the D to be activated a lot offensively. Hakstol wants all five guys to be involved offensively.

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