NHL Lockout Problems

Brad Miller Time has a pretty good episode following locked out NHLer T.J. Oshie.

Brad Miller Time: Golfing

On this week’s episode, players try making shots from different spots on the ice. At the very end, it is quite impressive as both Brock Nelson and Corban Knight shoot the puck from the concourse, over the netting behind the goal and into the net on the far side of the ice (on carved up…
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Brad Miller Time: Freshies Part 2

Brad Miller Time: Freshies Gone Wild Pt. 1

Tate Maris, the new host, interviews Steph Pattyn,┬áConnor Gaarder, Dan Senkbeil, Nick Mattson and Rocco Grimaldi. You will hear the story on why the team calls Senkbeil “Jim” instead of “Dan.” The nickname certainly has caught on. In Wisconsin, I heard one of his linemates calling out “Jim!” on the ice while looking for a…
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Brad Miller Time: Equipment Check

An episode with equipment interviews.